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Our Guest Beach House Reveal

I think you guys know that I’ve been endlessly decorating, designing, and renovating our second home out here on Long Island. This house has been a dream of mine forever, so I’m excited to finally share one project that is complete – our guest house. With the help of Indy Home Design, it was probably the easiest project to date, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am in love with the space. Jason jokes that he’s going to move in here.

Indy Home is designed and curated by Beverly Bartfeld, who decided to open her store in spring of 2019, out in Montauk, right next to the Montauk Beach House. Beverly is also a well-known New York City interior designer, who has always loved finding interesting design pieces for her clients. Her style is fun, comfortable, chic and affordable. Beverly believes “Design should feel easy, unpretentious and comfortable. Nothing should be too perfect. It should reflect the person who lives there. Should be great to look at but also functional.”


Our space was used by the previous owners as a home office, but Jason and I love hosting and entertaining so much, that we decided to transform it into a guest house. Fortunately, the space had good bones, with a kitchen, bathroom, and separate bedroom already in place. The rustic pine floors add a coastal farmhouse appeal that I was hoping to exude.

The Process 

The process of working with Indy Home was pretty simple. We sent some photos and videos, along with measurements of the space over to Beverly. I told her that I wanted a very beachy vibe, since our home has more of a French Country feel. This should be the fun, vibrant, chill space that our guests will want to hang out in. Situated on top of our barn shaped garage, one challenge was the low pitched ceiling height in some areas of the apartment. This is part of the reason why I tussled the idea of a full size couch versus chairs, s0 I relied on Beverly and her selection to help with this decision. With all of  my photos and measurements submitted, I headed out to Montauk, to visit Indy Home in person.

Indy Home 

From the moment I stepped foot into Indy Home, I knew our transformation was going to be magical. I swooned over every piece of furniture, obsessed with the selection of home decor! I immediately spotted these Teak Harper Lounge Chairs, and felt I could build out the space around them. An easy solve for my couch/ chair quandary. The next few hours were spent with Beverly, mixing and matching all of the pieces, to ensure they all complimented one another. I fell in love with this rug, which would tie everything in the living room together. I’m so into it that I may need another for Ryder’s room as well!

Once we were confident with our design and approach, it was time to place our orders. With the current climate, furniture deliveries have had a tendency to be backordered for an undetermined amount of time. But with the summer looming. I was eager to complete this space right away, so I opted for in-stock items, or those with a quick turnaround. 


Prior to our Indy Home delivery, we picked up some other items for the guest house. I found this little kitchenette set while browsing online. And with the low ceiling height, I opted for this platform bed without a headboard. The blue surfboard had originally been purchased for another room, considering the unique shape of this wall, but it worked perfectly here. With those items in place, we were excited for the delivery. The morning the team arrived with the shipment, we spent a good hour configuring and reorienting the room to maximize the space.

Living Room 

We initially centered the 8 x 10 Bolivia Blue Rug in the middle of room, because my original intent was to position the Harper Chairs along the pitched ceiling way, but I love that Beverly suggested otherwise because the chairs are so magnificent, and this configuration truly makes the space much more inviting. And the Prelude Side Table, made up of individual logs and painted white, will always host fresh flowers for our guests. In front of the chairs, we picked out this Mudda Stool in the extra large size as it would serve as the perfect coffee table. Made from rattan and rope, I just love the silver stitching intertwined throughout. I currently have a beachy coffee table book on top, but plan to eventually add a tray to make it more functional. A late addition to the decor was the Blue Pouf Bench, which totally finished the living room, and matched perfectly with the Cactus Silk Throw Pillows.

Bedroom Decor 

Since the bed I purchased was super simple, I decided to have some fun with these Derek Side Tables, with aged mirror on the top and sides. We topped them with a simple Cream Milk Jug Table Lamp, which was a nice contrast to the wood frame of the side tables. For bedding, we decided on this Wildflower Duvet, because the dark blue details tie in with the living room perfectly. As you can see, the Cactus Silk Throw Pillows make another appearance in the bedroom as well, since Indy Home offers them in so many amazing shades and colors. To tie it all together, Beverly suggested a simple 4×6 area rug at the foot of the bed in a blue and cream stripe.

Overall, I am beyond thrilled we with the way our guest house came out! The finished product completely eclipsed my initial visions, and I seriously cannot express enough thanks to Beverly and her team for their amazing inspiration and timeless pieces, which transformed this once office into a guest haven! Just in time for summer.

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27 thoughts on “Our Guest Beach House Reveal”

  1. Melanie williams

    It is always nice to give a new room a lick of paint and a fresh look. beach vibes are always a good choice.

  2. I think when you have that inner feeling that it’s going to be magical that it dictates that it will be. I’ve always trusted my gut.

  3. Looks like a fun vacation and love the house! We love renting houses when we travel, makes things so much more comfortable.

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