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12 Spring Books To Add To Your Library

How is everyone doing on the homeschooling front? Its been a tough few weeks for us parents, but I’ve put together some of our current favorite books for this new and exciting month. Books have always been an amazing way to teach our children the big topics and also helps their little minds escape. The list includes stories about big feelings that our children might be navigating during this confusing time. And also some Easter books for some holiday fun.

Making new friends is scary. But moving to a new country and making new friends is even scarier. Follow along a little girl as she discovers she’s stronger than her fear.
Everyone is a star! But we all have to find our unique strengths! We aren’t all athletic or creative, but we’re really great at something!
We all see different things outside our windows. This sweet story teaches our children about culture and the amazing ways all our lives are unique. What does your family see outside your window?
A powerful story about how good citizenship goes a long way. We are all responsible for all civic duties that pay it forward to our greater communities.
A funny celebration of how wonderful our world is and can be. Help your children discover their own unique contribution to our wonderful world.
A playful and physical story about the special qualities of each animal. Learn to see with your ears like bats, wiggle like an octopus, camouflage like a leopard, and more!
Everyday there is so much to see, taste, smell, do, touch, etc….Help build your child’s inner curiosity for the wonders of the world.
This is a great addition to all your quarantine routines. This book provides easy to read introductions for a fun art activity.
With Easter around the corner, I wanted to include a classic bunny story. An oldie but a goodie, and wonderful for early readers.
The third installment of the Think Big series, the animals are now back in the African savanna looking to survive in all their individual ways. Read along to see how they come together to help each other find food.
The Easter edition to one of my favorite collection of books. This is the perfect musical addition for a little ones first Easter.
Lets get creative with some Easter related coloring! This is a wonderful art activity to help celebrate the upcoming holiday.

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12 thoughts on “12 Spring Books To Add To Your Library”

  1. We already have some of these in our library and my kids love them. I am gonna check the rest. Thanks for the recomendations!

  2. katrina Kroeplin

    oh those look like great books. i will def have to check these out. i’m always looking for new book ideas for my kids.

  3. Blair villanueva

    Those first 5 books are something that are interesting to read even for me as adult. These will be a good spring gifts for my nieces.

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