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Must Have Self Care Products To Use While You’re Home

During this quarantine time we’re having to find new ways to self care outside of our usual mani/pedis and mimosas with friends. There are so many amazing brands and products available to stay healthy and zen during this difficult time. I love personally initiating a spa night with my girls. its great quality time together while checking in on our self love. And as a mommy of three I can definitely say some alone time in a relaxing hot bath is such a luxury these days. These are some of my favorite products for self care and love.

I love a bath bomb! Its such a fun way to enjoy a little down time in the bath. Also great fun for kids!
Im obsessed with this product. I discovered it through a press preview and I cant stop using it. Spray a little while taking your morning shower and enjoy!
I discovered this shea butter at my local Whole Foods and I dont thing I’ve ever smelled anything more delicious. Its so rich and creamy! Leaves my skin so soft and totally moisturized.
Now that all our nail salons are closed, we’re all doing our own manicures. Karma Organics is a great option as its totally vegan and cruelty free! I always have glitter nails. :)
Rated one of the best masks of all time this is an amazing product at a really great price. I think we could all use a little extra collagen with all the stress we’re under.
Dont forget the importance of hydrating during these tough times. Staying hydrated keeps our immune system healthy and our bodies balanced.
Skin isnt the only thing needing a bit of care, our hair can always use a little extra love. This hair mask is just what all hair types need to stay shiny and luminous!
Essentials Oils is a wonderful remedy to so many ailments. Peppermint helps with energy, lavender helps stress, tea tree if purifying, and so on….Essentials are the perfect addition to all our households during this confusingtime.
CBD is a great resource to help aid with anxiety, body aches, or stress. I cant think of a better idea than adding it to a relaxing bath for some me time.
This is my absolute favorite mask! Immediately hydrates my skin, leaving me rejuvenated and super soft.
We very often forget to treat our neck and chest area. Its an area with very soft skin that can be easily damaged. This neck treatment give the area all the extra love it needs.
Lets say goodbye to those extra bags we’re carrying around with all the corona stress. This easy to use eye strips are leaders in the eye mask game.

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17 thoughts on “Must Have Self Care Products To Use While You’re Home”

  1. The Professional Series Argan Hair mask is the BEST! I have bought this from Amazon before and it smells kinda like Downy, but it is so good!!

  2. I definitely need the eye masks. I always have bags it seems. I do love using essential oils and could use a new diffuser.

  3. We love Liquid IV at our house. It’s a total game changer for those of us who get dehydrated easily. Also, I didn’t know tarte had a maracuja neck treatment. I love their maracuja products!

  4. I badly need the Wander Beauty Eye Masks right now! haha. It’s been a stressful weeks with all the worrying and stuff.

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