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The Best Places To Get Your Nails Done In NYC

The summer nail trends are all everyone is talking about! There are so many fun colors and designs that are in style this season. When I have my nails done, I feel like I can take on anything! I’m loving all of the nail trends and am so excited to share them with you all, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to step out of your comfort zone with these! From bright colored french manis to smiley faces to 70’s inspired swirls, this is the summer of fun nails! Everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in awhile, and a fresh manicure is one of the best ways to do so. If you’re in NYC, you have to check out these nail salons, they truly are the best in the city and all of the nail technicians are so talented!


If you live in NYC, you probably have heard of Glosslab! They have several locations and are one of the best nail salons I’ve ever been to. What makes them stand out from all the rest, is that they have a membership program you can sign up for– unlimited mani+pedis with your choice of polish type for $100/month. A lot of times one manicure will cost almost that much, so this is truly an amazing deal! They’re incredibly hygienic there and you can even buy their gel eraser product to remove your gels at home if you can’t make it in! If you’re having trouble thinking of a gift to get a friend, this is a great place to grab a gift card!Nail design with colorful pastel tips


This one is for everyone, not just my NYC people! Their flagship is in Soho and they’ll even host an event for up 25 people for you. They’re so much more than a nail salon, they do facials, have a cafe, etc., but they are known for their nail art! What makes this business so cool, is that they sell what they call Chill Tips, which are nontoxic, reusable press-on nails! They have all of their best selling designs on their website, seriously you’re going to have the most difficult time choosing which ones to get, because they are all so great. I recommend snagging one of their bundles, they come with 3 different nail designs! Chillhouse also has a membership program for their services. So if you don’t have the time or budget to get a manicure, you can buy their reusable press-ons and always have good looking nails!

Nail wave design with fall tones


Located on the Upper East Side, this nail spot is known for helping you gain confidence- with your nails! This stunning nail salon sells their polishes online, so if you like any of the colors, you can purchase them! For the summer, they released fun electric and core neutral colors, which are fun to mix in designs together. Their nail technicians are some of the most talented I’ve ever seen, they can do any design you want!

Pastel nails with squiggle design


You can find this nail studio in NoMad and Hudson Yards. They are known for their extensive research in wellness and believe it is a journey that is different for everyone, but you can start by treating yourself to a manicure with their vegan, cruelty free, nontoxic polishes! They also sell a bunch of their products online, so you can stock up on your favorites. This salon really focuses on relaxation and wellness and works hard at making sure their clients leave happy and relaxed. They are so much more than just a nail salon, they pride themselves in the amazing wellness community they have created.

Pastel nail tips design NYC


This is another great mindful nail salon. It was started by 3 women who made it their mission to create a healthy, clean atmosphere to relax in and all of their products are nontoxic and promote stronger and healthier nails. This business has 3 locations you can check out and they also sell their products on their website.

Animal print nail design

Vanity Projects

You can find this really cool nail salon on the Lower East Side and enjoy contemporary video art displayed, while you get your nails done. This salon has an artist in residence program, so they have a rotation of nail artists from all over the world! Their nail technicians create the most intricate, beautiful designs. If you’re looking for the best nail art, you have to check this place out!

Pink heart nail designs NYC

Akiko Nails

This is a great place to go to for summer trendy nails! Located on the Lower East Side, this nail salon has technicians specially trained with a Japanese technique for intricate designs. They can do any design you want! You can also purchase their pre-designed or custom designed press-on nails.

Neon nail lightning bolt design


A great SoHo spot, this nail salon focuses on nail art and gel nails. They use paragel which lasts a minimum of 3 weeks and is better for your nails, as this is a non buffing or sanding process. Bisou doesn’t offer any acrylic services or pedicures, but the nail technicians really are so detail oriented and the designs they create are truly stunning. You will leave with your nails looking like a piece of art.

Pastel checkered nail design


This spa has several locations throughout the city and is owned by Jin Soon Choi, who is very well known in the nail industry. They have several foot and hand treatments they offer and the space is really relaxing. This is a spot celebs go to, so you know you can count on the best paint job! The polishes are amazing quality and the staff is great! If you’re looking to relax and get the perfect mani/pedi, this is the place for you.

Pink and orange stripes nail design


Formerly known as Sakura Nail & Spa, this salon has revamped not only their name, but their safety measures this year. This spot is appointment only, but they offer a great amount of foot and hand treatments of a variety of different prices. They even offer an express pedi for people who need to be in and out quickly. The nail technicians can paint all of the summer nail trends or any custom design you want!

\Blue and white floral nail design


With several spots in Brooklyn, this nail salon is dedicated to natural beauty and non toxic formulas. They have their own 10-free nail polish and just dropped the prettiest summer collection. This establishment has several natural beauty  products, as well and you can purchase them all in store or online. Their prices can’t be beat and they even offer a cute mini me service for kids 10 and under!

Pastel yellow and green nail design

Marie Nails

This nail salon is located in both Nolita and SoHo and has a nail school for anyone who wants to train to be a nail tech. They also have several locations in LA and Japan. This establishment was founded in Japan and specialize in gel nails. They are focused on details and can complete any design your heart desires! Your nails will be the best in town!

Nail design of portraits

Hortus Nailworks

Located on the Lower East Side, this studio offers all natural nail work and sugaring. They are big sustainability and organic ingredients whenever possible. Hortus offers several hand and foot services and their prices are great for NYC! They have flourishing flowers and plants in their studio and you will truly feel at peace in there. Whether you want a fun design or to keep it simple, this place can do anything!

French manicure with green tips

Local Honey

Finishing off with another fun Brooklyn spot, this nail salon does it all! From massages to nails to waxing to producing their own line of products, this place is a must go. The nail extension work they do is phenomenal, truly a work of art! They are so gentle there and work hard to make sure your nails stay healthy.

Pastel acrylics with almond shape


This post was originally published May 2021.


Text:/ Nails are the one thing that you can get in shape without exercise

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  1. Two years ago I was having my nails done monthly. Now I have not even seen the inside of a nail shop for so many months. These nails all look very fun. Perhaps I would do some for a special occasion.

  2. Aw such nice nails! I`m far away from NY, but I wanna say thank you for inspiration, I gonna book a manicure appointment next weekend.

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