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Earth Day Sustainable Finds

Earth day is this weekend and this is a great reminder each year to be more mindful of the products we use. Between the use of plastic bags, climate change, food waste, single-use plastics, greenhouse gas emissions as well as carbon emissions and environmental issues overall, it’s important to work towards a more sustainable future. One small change can make a huge difference in the long run. So if you take just one thing away from this post, that is amazing. Small changes lead us to big change. Simply reducing the use of plastic water bottles is one of the most important sustainable practices.

Henceforth, in honor of Earth Day, here are some of my favorite sustainable products and sustainable brands I love to shop from to help make a positive impact on this planet.

Household Products

Firstly, this is my favorite category to shop for when it comes to looking for a better option and friendly brands for my family. We have eliminated single-use plastic bottles, plastic straws and paper products as well as other plastic products. For instance, we use our dishes and just wash them rather than having one use throw away products. Specifically, single use plastics are a bigger issue than we realize and a simple solution is products that can be reused and washed. Moreover, my favorite brands to shop from are Blueland, Branch Basics, Bee’s Wrap and Stasher.


Secondly, of course you know I love to shop! Mother Earth has too many clothes from fast fashion that end up being thrown away. Sustainable fashion is not only on trend at the moment, but the way we should be incorporating new clothing that makes a big impact on this planet into our closets. It’s going to take a lot to eliminate fast fashion primarily because of the price point. But having less waste, better sources and materials as well as work environments make the world of a difference. The best part is that the clothes last longer! Even thrifting helps to make a difference and eliminate the amount of clothes that are tossed. A few of my favorite sustainable brands to shop from are Everlane, Quince, Girlfriend Collective, Sézane, Summersalt, Levi’s and Mate the Label.

Furthermore, as far as kids options, organic cotton is a fabric I tend to opt for. Especially when it comes to pajamas! Not only do I want my kids to be comfortable, but I love to donate the clothing they outgrow for other children to enjoy. We are not tough on our clothing to begin with, so we definitely take care of our things. For children’s clothing brands, we love are Boden, One Quince, Pact and TenTree.

Energy Usage

Finally, I want to call attention to something that is larger than environmentally friendly products, and it’s our actions. Promoting a smaller carbon footprint and using solar panels are just a couple off things we like to do as individual actions to add up to larger outcomes. We look at our utility company and work on using less energy. For instance, if we are all hanging out in the living room, we don’t need to leave the lights on in our bedroom. Reducing the use of electricity is not for the price, but for the planet. Overall, clean energy is impactful and I love being a part of a small change to become a larger change for this planet. I’d love to leave it a better place for my grandchildren someday.

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Firstly, what we clean our homes with makes a huge impact on our families. I love these cleaners and the best part is you can get refills to put into the bottles and keep resusing them.
How perfect is this for summer?! It’s lightweight, from a company with a sustainable approach and completely versatile.
I’ve been on the hunt for summer shoes and have found an amazing and sustianable option! These are so comfortable and they have tons of shoe styles to choose from.
Everlane is one of the best places to shop for jeans. With plenty of styles to decide from and amazing prices, this store is doing great things!
Our laundry detergent is something we sometimes forget about the ingredients and their impact. Branch Basics has a great starter kit that is clean and gentle on sensitive skin.
I love linen for the summer. Matching sets make getting ready that much easier for the day and wearing items from a business that cares about sustainability helps make a difference.
Forget about plastic baggies, these wraps are the best! You can literally put them on anything- save dinner and put them on top of a plate, cover a cup and prevent spillage or wrap a sandwich for the beach. Plus, they have the cutest patterns!
Hanni takes sustainable steps and the products actually work! This is a great starter set for tweens and I like it myself because it works so well!
I can never find good travel containers and I’m so excited to find Cadence! You can use these for hygiene products, medications and supplements!
Not only does this moisturizer work really well, but it’s so lightweight! It’s perfect for the summer and small enough to travel with.
Furthermore, I know I mentioned how much I love organic cotton already, but how stunning is this dress?! It’s so versatile and lightweight for the warmer seasons.
Finally, I love items that are easy to pair together, especially for kids. This set is perfect to throw on and get outside to play in!

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