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A few weeks ago, while culling through our summer photos, I noticed my skin in the photos looked really tired. There was one family selfie, where the sun was in all of our faces and I was squinting. I could vividly see this wrinkle so deep in the middle of my forehead. Looking at that photo thinking to myself aloud, wow I am definitely aging. I’ve been pretty down about it and started chatting to a friend about her skincare routine. I’m so busy with work and taking care of the kids, that I don’t have any self care practices.

Through these last few years of motherhood, lives have grown busier. Each year, I set goals to work on myself, but somehow, I never manage to fit it into my schedule. I don’t get the facials anymore, hardly visit the gym, I don’t use at-home masks, and sometimes I even forget to remove my makeup before bedtime. I know skin care is so important, and after looking at that photo, I’m really ready to start!

In a first step at skin care, I recently partnered with Silk’n, to test out  their newest product Titan. This anti aging device is meant to reduce sun, age spots, and improve skin’s elasticity. To achieve this, Titan by Silk’n uses three technologies combined: Infrared Energy, LED Light Energy and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency Energy to improve your skin from the inside out. These energies combined are meant to increase blood circulation, grow new collagen, and penetrate deep into the skin. I much rather use this healthy alternative to anti-aging than injectables, or worse- surgery.

I’ve been using the Titan for the last two weeks and I’ve already seen results. I only need to use it two days a week for the first four weeks, and then once a week until I reach my desired results. Not much of a commitment on my part, I’m finding my weekly routine pretty manageable. It’s meant to boost collagen and my skin definitely feels tighter.

I’m on week three of my treatment, and typically do my treatments after the kids are in bed. I plug in my Titan and spend about ten to fifteen minutes on each part of my face, moving the Titan in circular motions, while reapplying the gel. The gel must be used for best results and it’s actually super relaxing, because the gel heats up making it feel like a mini facial. I swear this downtime is actually making me sleep better too, because it gets me into relaxation mode!

On mornings following treatment, I’ve noticed that my skin looks fuller, plumper and even has a bit of a glow. Thrilled to share my journey over the next few months with Titan, and I myself can’t wait to see the end results.

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