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I think I need to leave an automated outgoing message on my phone and email saying—closed for the rest of the year. I am all tapped out, folks. I have’t had a minute to stop and ponder life because I am in go-go-go mode. We are in the midst of the holiday rush and even though my schedule is exhausting—it is even more exhausting trying to get everything done under layers and layers of cold-weather gear while I run all around town.

I know the holiday season marks the start of winter and although it is wonderful it can be pretty rough on my skin. We have been a bit spoiled this fall, 70-degrees in November and even a few 60-degree days in December! But now it is cold outside and inside the heat is pumping – overall drying my skin out. Not only do I feel exhausted this time of year, but with the cold/hot/dry combo, I look exhausted, too. It always bums me out when I look back at holiday photos and see my tired, dull skin. This little elf needs a spa vacation or at least a standing spa day at home to look and feel human again.

As you know, I have added the Titan by Silk’n as part of my beauty routine to help keep my skin glowing and fresh. I can easily make time for the Titan by Silk’n because it is so effective. I only have to use it once to twice a week. Now that I can handle. Good skincare really helps during these winter months. We may not be getting as much sun exposure in the winter but the harsh weather can be just as damaging. Or at least it looks like it.

Titan by Silk’n combines three technologies: Infrared Energy, LED Light Energy and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency Energy to improve your skin from the inside out. These energies combined are meant to increase blood circulation, grow new collagen, and penetrate deep into the skin to reduce sun and age spots while improving skin’s elasticity.

I have tried to work a little more me-time into my schedule where I focus on my wellness, health and beauty. In the beginning I started using the Titan by Silk’n twice a week, but now I am down to once a week. I apply the Hyaluronic Gel and move the device over my face to treat each area. The whole process takes about 30 minutes total.

So once a week, before I get to my crashing point, I slow everything down (or try to) and turn my skincare routine into a little mini spa treatment. When I use the Titan by Silk’n the gel warms up and feels like I am getting a facial so why not just add a few other relaxing activities to the mix to complete the experience -like a favorite TV show or book, and a big pitcher of cucumber water.

I can definitely feel such a difference in my skin and overall mood when I block off a little time for myself. I really see the difference in my skin, too! Remember that line in between my eyebrows I told you about in this post, well it’s practically faded away. I really cannot get over my results when you look at the before and after! OK maybe I owe the glowing skin to the Titan by Silk’n but I think my mini spa time helps, too.

Cheers to radiant and relaxing holiday…



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