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Sunday Styles: ModerneChild

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It amazes each and every day how the fashion world is always changing. Things I liked two years ago, I feel like I would never wear again, and clothes I wore ten years ago are back in style. But if I remember correctly, my sister and I never had any outfits to match my mom. I’m sure they were out there, but definitely not our style at the time.

Family Fashion: ModerneChild | Stroller In The City

Now that my girls are a bit older, they totally have a say about what they put on. Even when I’m shopping for them, and think something is cute, I always need to run it by them first because I cannot tell you how many times I bought something and it just sits in their closets with tags on. Luckily most of our style choices align, but believe me I am also very familiar with the getting dressed meltdowns!

Family Fashion: ModerneChild | Stroller In The City Family Fashion: ModerneChild | Stroller In The City

When I saw these matching swimsuits by MonderneChild, I immediately wanted to have them to match my girls. I love that I get to match them, and with style and fun pieces too. Good thing they still want to match me, because I know that will definitely be changing down the road. Our suits are called the Liza suits and are part of ModerneChild’s “mommy & me” collection.

Family Fashion: ModerneChild | Stroller In The City

From mommy and daughter matching dresses to mommy and baby matching bathing suits, ModerneChild Shoppe exudes style and cuteness in equal measure. I’ve shopped their site a bunch of times before when looking for that special dress, and I just loved their selection of dresses that were fancy but cool at the same time. And my favorite part…their prices points are super affordable!

Family Fashion: ModerneChild | Stroller In The City

We had so much fun playing matchy match, I may need to pick up a few styles before summer is over to match my cuties! Tell me, do you guys like to match your kiddies?

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Family Fashion: ModerneChild | Stroller In The City

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: ModerneChild”

  1. I think it would be fun to be matching. My kids have matched before with shirts, and my two oldest have matched before when they were little. I never did match with my daughter though. I think I missed my chance, but who knows?! (She is 19). 🙂 The swimsuits are great. I love the flounce.

  2. I think those are wonderful! I love the one piece bathing suits because they cover everything that needs to be covered without sacrificing the style. So cute that you can match swim suits!

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