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12 Festive Cookie Recipes

My kids love to help out with holiday baking. Not only is it great quality time, but we have a blast making every recipe our own! The holiday season arguably has some of the best recipes and those include our all time favorite cookies. It’s that time of year where we gather in the kitchen and reminisce on timeless memories over the best Christmas cookies. All of these recipes store well in an airtight container and festive cookies make for adorable gifts for teachers and neighbors. If it’s your first time baking, we have included some classic and easy holiday cookie recipes along with a couple more difficult options for those professionals in the kitchen out there! Let’s get into the holiday spirit this Christmas season by making the best holiday cookies!

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Classic Sugar Cookies

Let’s begin with easy Christmas cookies that are a classic option! Everyone has to have these on their cookie platters this year because they are a total crowd-pleaser and one of the most easy recipes to create. I love this sugar cookie recipe because it comes with an icing recipe as well, so it has everything you need! We love to use cookie cutters and shape them into Christmas trees, candy canes and snowflakes. These simple sugar cookies will be a staple in your holiday kitchen!


There’s something about Linzer cookies that are so pretty to me. Last year, I was on the hunt for a good recipe for these classic cookies and I finally found one! These are filled with jam but you can always substitute for melted chocolate, as well. The crisp edges and intricate designs are stunning on a holiday cookie tray.

christmas santa cookies


What holiday would it be without Gingerbread men? These are so much fun if you have kids because they can decorate them any way they’d like. Just use royal icing, gumdrops or any of your favorite candy and voila! These classic holiday cookies are a sweet treat the whole family and Santa will love!

Ginger Molasses

​Soft molasses cookies are chewy cookies that will have your mouth watering. This is an easy cookie recipe, which is perfect for Christmas eve. I love how well they save, too for leftover snacking! Add a fun twist and sprinkle on red or green sprinkles to get festive.

Italian Christmas

I know what you’re thinking, these sound intimidating! I promise, they are simpler than they sound and cookies my family looks forward to annually. The kids love the icing and sprinkles, especially and they are a lighter option for the day.

ginger cookie recipe


This is one of the best recipes I’ve found for thumbprint cookies! These are buttery and light while feeling festive. The jam is the perfect balance of tart and sweet in these. Feel free to drizzle icing on top for a snowy feel.


You can’t tell me these aren’t the underdog of the holiday cookie genre! I feel like people don’t talk about them enough and they are so delectable. The recipe is so easy and fresh and they make for a great option for people who might not love ginger or mint flavors.


Adding some wintry mint to your cookie platters this season! These buttery cookies are balanced out well with the minty candy canes and gooey icing. The icing is what will be the glue for the candy canes but it also adds a bit of wetness to the cookie itself to make it more moist.

sugar cookie recipe


There’s something about sprinkles on cookies that feel so festive! These are another classic option that your kids will absolutely love to eat and have so much fun making. The ingredients are all common pantry items, so just make sure you have red and green sprinkles and you’re good to go!


My mouth is watering! If you love eggnog, you will love these! And if you don’t love eggnog, I still think you’ll really enjoy them. The frosting on top is one of the best parts and it feels like such a nostalgic recipe.

christmas cookie recipes

Italian Rainbow

I’m going to say these are on the more difficult side just because of the steps and time it takes to make. It wouldn’t be an Italian Christmas without these and they’re even better for breakfast the next day!

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Finally, the fruit and nut cookie combination feels very festive. These two flavors balance each other out really well and make for a great bite in a biscotti! Dip it in eggnog and it’s even better.


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12 holiday cookies

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