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Wander & Roam

Soon after your first kid is born you start to realize that certain products are essential but kids gear can oftentimes can be an eyesore. If you’re like me and gravitate towards simple and neutral home decor—kids products don’t often blend well. The majority of kids products I begrudgingly brought into our small space over the years have mostly been wildly colorful, which is fine, but fast-forward to three kids later and all these bright and dizzying patterns make my head spin.

Wander And Roam Play Mat

One of my least favorite baby and toddler products when my kids were little was the safety play mat. I knew it was important once they started sitting up and crawling to have a soft surface beneath them but I cringed at all the big puzzle-link tiles in bold colors. I searched everywhere but could only find primary colors with big shapes or safari animals. Of course I wanted my kids stimulated but I also wanted my small space to resemble an adult apartment.

Wander And Roam Play Mat Wander And Roam Play Mat

I am definitely not alone in this because the beautiful spongy mat has arrived. Wander and Roam has created an eco-friendly one-piece foam play mat large enough for your kiddos to literally wander and roam. No more cleaning between the puzzle pieces or picking out grime. It is made of 1/2 inch thick 6.5-x4.5 foot, non-toxic foam that is durable and can be easily cleaned, rolled up and stored when not in use. But you’ll probably just want to leave it out because the double sided irate pattern and simple stripe in blue or grey are lovely and neutral enough to fit seamlessly with any decor. There is currently one in my children’s bedroom, not because they are crawling anymore but because it makes clean up of their art projects way easier!

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Wander And Roam Play Mat

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6 thoughts on “Wander & Roam”

  1. Heather Johnson

    My kiddos have a similar foam mat. I love the design on this one! What a great idea for around the house.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is really nice! I am going to get that for my granddaughters. I babysit them often and this wander and roam playmat would be perfect to have around the house. I love the color too!

  3. I think this would be a nice gift for a child. It would give them their own “space” to unleash their creativity without mommy being upset with the mess they make.

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