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Tween Talk: Finding The Perfect Bra

The thought of my children getting older, literally gives me a major anxiety attack. I feel like this was the summer they all matured in a big way. Ryder entered his teenage years, while Siella and Gemma are now fitting into my clothes! The saying “enjoy it, because its goes by so quick” is never more relevant than it is now. As the girls start school this year, it was time to go shopping for not just back to school outfits, it was time to start shopping for training bras too. 

Adjustable bras from Apricotton make it so much easier and more comfortable for girls to transition into wearing bras. When I was a girl, there was no such thing as adjustable bras. There were training bras, and then you plunged headfirst into the deep end of trying to find a bra. 

Apricotton has a great selection of adjustable bras to suit any girl from tween through adulthood. From bralette to sports bras and more, Apircotton’s selection of bras is cute, comfortable, and fully adjustable, allowing our girls’ bras to grow right along with them. The included removable cup padding in their bras allows for easy sizing by simply removing them as our daughters fill out. It eliminates excess bras that become unusable and allows our daughters to keep their favorites at a time when comfort and confidence are literally everything.

Siella and Gemma are just about ready to begin their bra journey. I want it to be an enjoyable exciting time in their lives, not something that fills them with apprehension, worry, and dread, and with Apricotton, I can make that happen for them.

The founders of Apricotton remember all too well and all too clearly how hard it can be to find bras for young girls. They also remember what it’s like to go through that process over and over again as their bodies fill out. With Apricotton, moms can help their daughters shop for fun bras that will fit them perfectly from the start and grow with them as their bodies mature, making it an easy and enjoyable process.

Chose from offerings like the Artemis sports bra featuring moisture-wicking fabric and a design that easily hides under any top. The perfect bralette is the perfect intro to bras for girls. It’s soft with thin straps and a stretchy elastic band to eliminate that “bra feel”. It also features an easy, one-hook clasp that allows our daughters to get used to putting on a bra. These are just a couple of the offerings you’ll find at Apricotton, and they’re all designed with form and function in mind.

In addition to their perfectly fitting bras, Apricotton also sells super cute scrunchies and stickers. I love this because it helps add another layer of fun and whimsy to a process that can be daunting to girls. I think it’s important to inject as much levity as possible into the process to help alleviate any stress our daughters might have. If your daughter is ready to transition to bras, I highly recommend you give Apricotton a look.

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22 thoughts on “Tween Talk: Finding The Perfect Bra”

  1. Oh gosh this is going to be my daughter in a couple of years. Such an exciting time and milestone yet bittersweet. I secretly can’t wait to take my daughter out to get her first bra.

  2. It was such perfect timing to read this article. My daughter is in transition, and this information will def help me to find perfect stuff for her.

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