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Turning 2

I am realizing that the more kids you have, the faster time goes by. The days seem to move into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, and before you know it your baby is no longer a baby. This weekend we celebrated our middle child, Siella’s second birthday. It seems like only yesterday I was holding this little tiny peanut in the hospital and now she has gown into the sweetest, most lovable, and smartest little toddler I know. The love that she has in her heart just melts me everyday. She idolizes her brother and does things just to get his approval by saying “Cool Ry?”. And she is the best older sister to Gemma, always making sure her sister is ok and greets her every morning with tons of hugs and kisses. Her voice is deep yet squeaky at the same time and I hope it never changes!

Siella is insanely smart, and I am not only saying it because she is my daughter; but the words and sentences she manages to string along amazes me everyday. She knows her ABC’s and is able to count from 1 to 10, and even memorizes songs word for word. I remember bringing her on one of my monthly checkups when I was pregnant with Gemma and my doctor saying, “wow she is wicked smart”. And that she is.

But being smart also leads to tough personalities. She’s extremely strong minded and knows just what she wants. There is no stopping this girl. She wakes at 5am every morning sometimes earlier. And since she is potty trained, something she decided to do on her own, she uses that as an excuse to go potty so I don’t make her lay back in her bed. But I wouldn’t change my toughy for a minute. I feel she is very like much like me in her personality traits..determined and gets what she wants!

This year I decided to do a Mermaid Theme birthday party. She loves all of her Disney Ariel dolls so I figured this would suit her best. We invited a small group of friends and family over in our courtyard to celebrate. I hired a guy to come play music for the kids. Siella sat most of the time listening to the songs and participating with the shakers. The older kids even enjoyed it. I always make my kids birthday cakes but this year it was just too much so Tribeca Treats made this awesome themed cake. I did make the cupcakes with mermaid and fish edible toppers and also blue jello with swedish fish popping out to look as if the fish were swimming in the water..thanks to Pinterest for that one.

The day flew by and everyone had a great time! The following day, her real birthday and also Fathers Day, we decided to head to Citifield to catch a Mets Game. The kids, Jason, and I all had a blast! It was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I love our weekend outings! And now that Ryder is done with school I’m looking forward to more of them during the week!

I can’t believe my little girl is already 2. She’s growing up just way too fast! Siella, my little spitfire as I like to call her!


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3 thoughts on “Turning 2”

  1. Happy Birthday Siella! I am really impressed: Alex is no where near potty trained & if I ask her to count she says “1, 4, 4, 4”! I love the mermaid cake! Hope you guys had a fun birthday weekend.

  2. She is such a special little person (and I’m not surprised bc she is surround in love)! I’m so glad that I had a chance to see her in action on her bday. Happy Birthday Siella!

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