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Travel Companions {& Apple Park Giveaway}

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Over the last few years, traveling for our family has become quite the norm. Whether it’s a trip to the Caribbean, a weekend ski trip, or simply a visit to my parents, our getaways are something all of us enjoy and look forward to. With all this running around, one question I get asked the most about our travel is how do we manage flying with three children. I have to say Ryder, Siella, and Gemma have become accustomed to it, breezing through airport security and buckling their own belts. But, of all the travel skills they have acquired, packing their own backpacks have been key for me.

The Best Carry-ons For KidsThe Best Carry-ons For Kids

I may love going places, but I absolutely dread the chaos that ensues the day before we leave. Somehow, with everything going on, packing gets left until the last minute. Last month, before leaving for Jamaica, I picked up some adorable backpacks from Apple Park. We have been huge fans of their backpacks and lunch packs, so I was psyched to see their new “big kid” style backpack; perfect for Ryder and Siella.

The Best Carry-ons For KidsThe Best Carry-ons For Kids

Their eco friendly backpacks are super sturdy, which will hold up in our many travels. The water-resistant fabric feels like cotton, but it is actually recycled from plastic bottles, from our landfills! The padded shoulder straps allowed the kids to be comfy while carrying their own things, and the top zipper and outside zipper pocket make for easy access to all of their belongings.

The Best Carry-ons For Kids The Best Carry-ons For KidsThe Best Carry-ons For Kids The Best Carry-ons For Kids

While browsing the site, I noticed Apple Park’s Reusable Snack Packs. I picked up one for each child to match their backpacks, so there will be no confusion about who’s snacks are who’s. Ryder got a blue raccoon, Siella a purple owl, and Gemma the pink bunny.

The Best Carry-ons For Kids The Best Carry-ons For Kids

Before each trip, I take out their backpacks, and lay out what they plan to bring with them, so I can edit, and make sure we don’t have 5 of the same toy. I add a few things that I know will keep them occupied during the flight, and some snuggly things for bedtime. Siella and Gemma love baby dolls, so I thought it would be a cute surprise if I packed a new dolly for them. This Apple Park Organic Baby Girl has a removable onesie and diaper, which I knew would keep them occupied on the plane.

The Best Carry-ons For Kids The Best Carry-ons For Kids The Best Carry-ons For Kids

Books are also always key for when packing their carry ons. For Ryder, I always sneak in a school work sheet and a few books, so he can continue reading throughout a trip. And for the girls, Apple Park had the sweetest books series, based around these little picnic pals that I couldn’t resist. The books teach children about the environment, living a healthy lifestyle, and the value of friendship. We already had a few at home, so the girls were familiar with the picnic pals; but it’s always a bonus bring along a book we haven’t read yet, especially on a long flight.

The Best Carry-ons For Kids The Best Carry-ons For Kids

Our trip to Jamaica wasn’t as long as last year’s California flight, but our seating arrangement on the way down had us scattered all over the plane. Siella and Ryder sat alone next to one another, while Gemma and I sat two rows ahead, with Jason way up in the front. It made tending to each of them a little difficult, but having their bags stocked with snacks, toys, books and a few surprises seriously did the trick. Siella and Gemma squealed at the sight of their new baby dolls, and Ryder played the big brother role, reading a few books to Siella.
The Best Carry-ons For Kids

Every trip will come with its own set of challenges, but having the kids packing their own carry ons has been a true game changer. Since Apple Park played such a huge role in our recent travels, I am psyched to be giving away Backpack, Lunchpack and Snackpack along with the winners choice of products up to $125 value to one lucky Stroller in the City reader!

Apple Park Giveaway!

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41 thoughts on “Travel Companions {& Apple Park Giveaway}”

  1. Wendy Hernandez

    We are obsessed with the racoons! We would love the backpack set. My miracle boy starts preschool in the fall. This would be a great surprise for my little racoon! ❤️

  2. I saw Apple Park a couple of years ago at the Toy Fair. Great stuff. Love that it’s eco friendly and super cute (total win in my book). I love the backpacks!

  3. I love the pink petal & butterfly embroidery flower mat and owl organic patterned blankies The Purple Owl Eco-friendly Big Kid Backpack is also really cute 🙂

  4. I really like the bat, owl and fox backpacks. They are so cute! My kids would love these. Last time we traveled, we used my daughter’s small suitcase as a carry on, and it was so bulky and unpractical for storing her toys and books for the airplane ride. Backpacks are definitely a good idea.

  5. I love their organic cotton picnic pal pajamas! Honestly though I haven’t found an Apple Park product that I didn’t like!

  6. I love the Owl, Raccoon and Fox backpacks and lunchpacks. Also, my daughter would love the Organic Baby Girl Doll.

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