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Top 10 Summer White Items For Your Closet

With Memorial Day around the corner, we know that fashion-wise, we can officially pull out our summer white’s. I live by the rule that we can wear white after labor day, but a lot of the fabrics are linen, so it makes sense that they are only able to be worn in the summer when it’s warm out. I’ve found a bunch of favorites of mine that are of all fabrics and product types, from skirts to shoes to purses and accessories, I’ve got it all! It makes a good tan pop well in the summertime, too.

Here are our favorite summer white items to wear before Labor Day!


Firstly, you’ll have to take a look at your wardrobe and see if there’s anything missing that you feel you need or want for the summer. Personally, I’m someone who likes to wear accessories. Therefore, that was the first area I looked at! Shoes, belts, headbands and of course, purses were at the top of my list.


Moreover, I like to live with the mindset of treating yourself in the summer. All year round, really, but especially in the summer because you have worked so hard all year and this is the time to celebrate and relax. Furthermore, it gets incredibly hot and humid in the city, as well as the Hamptons, so it’s essential that we have the clothes and items we need to make it a bit easier to be out and about daily. The fabrics and prices will play a lot into this, but you know yourself the best and therefore, you know what you need in your closet to have the best summer possible.


Secondly, I think this is the most important category! We are at the point of summer now and fabric will be the determining factor of a lot of things. For instance, how much you sweat and if that sweat is absorbed or wicked into or off the fabric of your clothing! There are plenty of lightweight pieces on the market, luckily. Furthermore, this is the perfect opportunity to get a summer staple dress. One that can be dressed up or down for the entire season.

For instance, I like linen, cotton and satin the most for summer. This is  because they are so crisp and easy to dress an outfit around. These are the perfect blend of fabrics to ease into warmer weather and stay in it. I would suggest staying away from any knit or sweater material for these types of functions not just because they are heavier in material, but because they lean more casual. Nothing is wrong with being casual in the summertime, because it is the ultimate relaxation season, but comfort will be a huge thing to consider and overheating is never comfortable.


Finally, onto what a lot would consider the most important category! You can find the best option for the season while not totally breaking the bank. Henceforth, this is why it’s important to start out by checking out what is in your wardrobe at the moment. Practicality can go hand in hand with shopping. One thing I don’t like to do is buy something that I think I will only wear once. For example, my best advice is to get something that will be a good staple in your closet. Moreover, something you can wear with block heels and a blazer or sneakers and a jean jacket. The summer look that can fit into your budget is out there, it’s just a matter of searching. Which is why I wanted to help with this post, because I am really excited to share some of my favorite finds for summer!

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Firstly, these have to be some of my favorite summer sandals! I am a huge fan of this designer and these shoes are incredibly comfortable.
Secondly, you know I had to put some LoveShackFancy into this list! I live in this skirt already and it’s so easy to dress up or down.
Anything with ruffles is a yes from me! I love how casually elevated this tee is. It’s great to wear with shorts or a skirt.
Everyone needs a good staple belt in their closet. This is one of my favorites because it’s amazing quality and goes with everything.
Having a good linen dress for all occasions is an essential for me. I love everything about this one and my daughters even like to share it with me!
Let’s all get a new pair of sunnies this season! I love a good cat eye shape and these will be on repeat for me all season.
I love woven bags for summer and fall. I think they add a good amount of texture to the look and are more of a lightweight bag.
Furthermore, another fabulous LoveShackFancy set! I have already been getting a good amount of wear out of this one and I love to add a pop of color in the shoes!
How adorable is this shirt? I thought it would be perfect with jeans for a casual dinner out on the town!
Moreover, anything with a heart involved is something I’m all over! This is a really cute heart shaped bag that is incredibly versatile for the season.

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Summer White Items For Your Closet”

  1. I’m so excited for summer and a fresh wardrobe! I love all these cute accessories and outfits and can’t wait to wear some lightweight fabrics again! The Harley bag is absolutely adorable, too!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that practicality and budget should be among your top considerations when shopping for summer fashion. To get started, it’s always a good idea to assess what you already have in your wardrobe and build from there. Investing in versatile pieces that can easily be dressed up or down is a smart move, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re committed to getting the most wear out of your purchases. I can’t wait to see your favourite summer finds and appreciate your willingness to share your fashion expertise with us!

  3. Barbie Ritzman

    I think white is a beautiful color, but I avoid wearing it because someone always spills something on me. It’s frustrating when a careless kid causes a mess in an unlikely place, and I end up getting something on my clothes, or someone spills wine. It seems no matter how careful I am it’s almost like something falls from the sky and lands on my white outfit-HA

  4. I absolutely love white and it’s great to know that the clothes are lightweight and made with good quality fabric, just gorgeous! I be definitely buying something white soon, everything you showcased here is so pretty.

  5. Dress items and accessories that, in my opinion, should never be missing from every woman’s summer wardrobe.

  6. These are great. Of course, it’s all about choosing a personal version adapted to our style of the summer must-haves!

  7. White is my favorite color and a staple in my closet. If I am feeling lazy to dress up, my default is something white.

    Super love the Julianka Top. It’s so pretty and chic. Perfect for casual days by simply pairing it with jeans.

  8. Those pieces look good on you. You can’t go wrong with white, especially when it’s during scorching hot summer days. It’s like bringing some cool breeze with you. Plus, whites, like black, go well with almost anything.

      1. Bedabrata Chakraborty

        I found your post very enchanting. Forwarding this to all my girlfriends who would find here a great summer dressing guide. We in India wear also handwoven cottons and light colours for summer.

  9. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    We wear a lot of light-coloured cotton, mostly handwoven in India during summer. Forwarding your post to all my lady friends who would love you for this.

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