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Humidity-Proof Hair Essentials

We all know how humidity affects our hair, especially with the summer heat. Frizzy hair seems to be inevitable in the summer seasons. Last summer was a hot one and with the temperature came extremely humid weather. Summer heat can be a tough battle, but luckily, a ton of anti-frizz and humidity fighting products are available for this summer and I’ve tried out quite a few! There are a lot of anti-humidity spray products that claim to do the job, but I can confidently say, I have found some of the very best products to combat unwanted the humidity affects.

How Our Hair is Affected

Firstly, let’s start with the biggest question: why does our hair frizz up from humidity? This is actually due to a lack of moisture. What happens, is our hair seeks the moisture from the humid air in an attempt fix our dry hair. I know that can seem a bit bizarre, but adding moisture back into our hair with products can be extremely helpful. If you have curly hair, you are more prone to frizz simply because curly hair is more dry than straight or fine hair strands. Hair products like a moisturizing shampoo, a hydrating shampoo, a hydrating conditioner and heat protectant when using hot tools are both a great start to humidity resistance!

Shop By Hair Type

Secondly, narrowing down your hair type is half the battle here. For instance, the curly girls will need to add more moisture back into it, because curly hair tends to dry out quicker than straight or wavy hair. Nobody has untamable hair, we can all find the perfect products for our natural hair in the summers. Another thing to pay attention to is the porosity of your hair cuticle. One easy way to test this is to take some strands from your hair brush and drop them into a glass of water. If they float, you have low porosity, and if they sink you have high porosity. And of course, if it’s in the middle, it’s medium. Hair is like skin that way.

We all have a certain hair time so finding the right products for our hair porosity will be a game changer. It’s all about how much water your hair is capable of holding onto. You’ll want to shop for products based on your hair type and porosity to ensure you’re getting the amount of moisture and benefits possible. Embrace your wavy texture or rock a straight style with no fear in humid conditions with our favorite hair products.

 Pureology, Nexxus, Kristin Ess, L’Oreal, Dae, Amika, Virtue, Oribe, JVN


Moreover, when I say Treatment, I mean hair masks. Humidity levels can make dry hair feel like dull hair so you will need more than just a deep conditioner to tame frizz. If you want to try a keratin treatment, those are really great because they act like an anti-frizz formula on any type of hair to give you a smooth texture. There are literally water molecules in the air that frizz up our hair, so no matter what you do, you will need thermal protection. Yes, you do need it from the sun!

​Henceforth, my favorite thing to do with my girls is have a spa night where we do intense hair masks. I’ll include a few of our favorites below, but leaving them on overnight or for a few hours will give you the best results. The mixture of hair masks on top and leave-in treatments will be your best friend for humidity protection and treatment this summer.

Ouai, K18, Amika Repair, Gisou, Amika Nourishing Mask, Ouai Fine Hair Mask


Finally, hydration is the biggest thing to pay attention to. You can think you have the most hydrated strands, but the frizz is a sign of dehydration in your hair. Counteract it with oils! A few of my favorite hair oils are avocado oil, argan oil or a natural oil like olive oil. You will get smooth hair with consistency in hair oiling. Something I like to do is alternate oiling nights by oiling ears down every other night and sleeping in it. I’ll include a few of my favorite oils below, but I promise, you will become obsessed with how your hair reacts to oil!

Moroccan Oil, JVN, Ouai, Pattern, K18, Moroccan Oil Leave in Treatment

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