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The Ultimate Facial Experience

The ultimate facial. That’s something that probably sounds good to any mama. I know it sounded amazing to me. That’s why I was excited to receive a facial like no other before. I got to experience a Biologique Recherche Ice Facial at the Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa at the chic Core Club.
The Biologique Recherche Ice Facial is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. This ultimate facial is a soothing, smoothing, tightening, and anti-inflammatory facial thats based on a method of hyper-customized treatment for stressed and imbalanced skin without using heat. Using “skin icing” and customized Biologique Recherche lotions, serum “cocktails”, masks, and creams, this ice facial counters the effects of heat that causes inflammation and aggravates the skin’s surface. Through the use of icing and cooling, the blood circulation in the face is regulated, pores shrink, puffiness is reduced, dark circles are minimized, and redness is reduced. All this helps activate the skin’s ability to regenerate it’s deeper structures to help keep skin healthy and combat the signs of premature aging.

The experience was priceless  An ideal facial for any time of year, but it really shines in the summer months when the heat and humidity can wreak havoc on our skin. This facial helps replenish lipids and moisturize while correcting imperfection caused by over-exposure to the sun, redness, and irritation, all of which occur heavily during the summer months. I loved the feel of the algae cold mask and claiming masque VIP02, and the iced cryo-sticks used during my relaxing facial massage were unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.

If you’re looking for the ultimate facial, you’ll find it at the Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa at Core Club. I was amazed at how wonderful the facial felt and how amazing my skin looked afterward. I’ve tried a lot of facials, and I’ve been to a lot of spas. My experience with Paul Labrecque Salon and their amazing Biologique Recherche Ice Facial takes the top spot hands down.

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28 thoughts on “The Ultimate Facial Experience”

  1. I love a good facial! I have been recently going for a facial chemical peel. I haven’t seen visible results yet but I am hoping with a few more I do. I’ll check out the facial you got. Thanks!

  2. Oh.. What an amazing way to pamper yourself.. Gosh i really miss going to spa and have some facial treatment too.. Apparently some spas here in my country are still not fully operational due to covid19..
    Thank you for sharing this experience and i bet you had a blast.

  3. Uuuhhhhmmmm….I am so glad to hear this about Paul Labrecque Salon! I will keep them in mind in case anybody asks for recommendations while in town! Thanks for sharing about them.

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