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October Books and Halloween Reads for Your Kids

Happy October! This is such a fun month full of Halloween celebrations and I am so excited to share with you all of the books my kids and I have picked out for our bookshelves this month! We found some great Halloween themed stories and some that are not so holiday-like, but just as fun to read! I hope your kids enjoy these reads this month!

This witch has dedicated all of her efforts into becoming Witch of the Year! With inspiration from a cat and a tree, can this witch push her struggles aside and achieve this goal? Children ages 7-12 will love this read!
Teaching babies and toddlers about sounds can be so much fun! This sound book helps them learn all about the sounds a car makes, with playful buttons to press!
The Presidents get to travel all over the world to meet people and attend events- and Rocco wants to go, too! He creates a book of all the adventures he might have if he were to be able to travel with the Presidents of the United States.
This is such an important read for our daughters! We must teach them about all of the amazing women who have made history and empower them to be confident in who they are!
Sometimes it’s hard to spot bullying. There’s some very helpful information on acknowledging bullying in this book.
How cute is this set of baby books? They’re books for babies all about medicine like Cardiology, Neurology and Cell Biology.
Have you ever wondered about the science behind cooking? Why do some cheeses melt better or quicker than others? This cookbook has over 75 recipes with answers to these questions!
We all know and love Little Pookie! Well, Pookie is back and this time it’s Halloween themed! It’s such a sweet read for babies and toddlers.
Teach your child new words with this book that contains feeling and action words. This book has glitter and fun Halloween words for your child to learn!
From the classic “If you give a mouse a cookie” series, comes a whole Halloween book! Mouse is so excited to decorate pumpkins, but one is missing! Where could it be?
How do you make friends with a ghost? Give them snacks and love, of course! This book is for kids ages 4-8 and is a super cute Halloween read!
A young child thanks the world for the gifts nature provides. The family makes a special apple cake from things from nature such as apples and milk from cows!
I have a great Halloween read for your young readers! This book is perfect for ages 9-14 and is about how Artie can save his friends and family from the mysterious Pumpkin Code.
Gustavo does all ghostly things very well. But when it comes to making friends, he has a hard time, especially because they can’t see him. The Day of the Dead is quickly approaching and he wants to share all of the things he loves with them in time!
Esther’s favorite thing in the world is Halloween, but her parents say she is too old to go trick or treating. She sets out for the night only to find out a curse has taken over her town and it’s up to her crew to lift it!

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29 thoughts on “October Books and Halloween Reads for Your Kids”

  1. What a great selection of books and ideas for gifts for children. Love many of the stories and suggestions here. Halloween-themed but also broader topics that are of benefit. My two favorites would be the Bullying one (so relevant these days) and The Book of Awesome Girls for some inspiration.

  2. Ah, Spookie Pookie! We’ve had this book since my older son was a baby and still read it all the time. My boys are 6 and 8 but still enjoy that one. I haven’t heard of the others, though, so I’ll have to look since they love to read.

  3. Hihi….”How Witches Get Their Broomsticks” has me giggling up to now. There’s a meme that heading reminds me of. Thanks for sharing about it. I believe it’s a good pick to begin with.

  4. This is an interesting list of kid books that i’m sure my niece would love to read but the one about bullying is what intrigue me the most. It is a very interesting and meaningful topics to discuss with kids and it is great to spread such awareness
    Thank you so much for sharing

  5. Blair villanueva

    These book titles are so cool I might buy these for myself before I pass them to my nieces. It get me excited of their stories.

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