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Its barely the start of the holiday season, and I am already listing the holiday shows we plan to see, the many parties with friends and family, travel plans, and our many traditions! Needless to say, it’s a hectic time, but certainly an exciting one too.

A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox

It’s no secret that I love kids fashion, and this admiration has rubbed off my little ones. It’s pretty neat to see how their senses of style are starting to evolve, and each night before school, they lay out outfits for the following day. Ryder wears a uniform shirt but allowed to wear the pants of his choice, which are usually sweats. Sporty Siella loves to wear leggings, paired with a basic tee, and still layers all of her outfits with a cardigan. And Gemma only wears dresses, so she can look “fancy.” I try to let them make their own choices, but a bit of guidance is sometimes required, especially when Gemma wants to wear short sleeves in 35 degree weather. I just love how their personalities shine through their fashion choices.

A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox

Old Navy recently launched a subscription box for kids, called Superbox, which is perfect for my children when picking out their own styles. The quarterly subscription box is designed for kids ages 5-12, with $100 worth of products, priced at only $70. Each kits comes equipped with one outfit plus accessories, for a total of 6 items. You can customize the order based on your kids’ style, with options like preppy, sporty, trendy, and more. And for those adventurous type, there’s even a “surprise me” option.

A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox A Review Of Old Navy's SuperboxThe best part of the Superbox is that there is no pressure to keep everything. If any items don’t fit properly, or you’d like another style, they can be returned with a prepaid postage label, included in every shipment. Each child sifted through their box, to see what they had received. I feel like this gives them a sense of ownership, because if they chose a style, then they are required to wear them. You know there’s always that one dress that never gets worn all season because your child has changed their mind! But in this case, all three kept everything in their boxes!

A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox A Review Of Old Navy's Superbox

Everything from their Superboxes ended up in our suitcases for our trip this weekend! Perfect timing! The Old Navy Superbox truly makes shopping for your children “Super” easy and stylish, at a great price! I think these will make the perfect gift for the holidays too!


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