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The Right Supplement

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As much as Ryder, Siella and Gemma like to do and have the same things, there are still those moments where they do need that individualized care. Just this morning, as we were getting ready for school, I made a list of each of their assignments and activities that needed to be done this week. Ryder has a class project coming up, which requires family photographs, Siella has a project which calls for a baby photo, and Gemma’s pre-k class asked her to bring in a family portrait. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up, but I try my best. And this goes for their health and wellness too. As you know, Ryder adheres to a gluten-free diet, and while the girls do not, I try to eliminate gluten from all our meals, making it easier for me. I am also big on the use of essential oils, and those that work on one, may not necessarily be the best choice for the other.

Olly Kids' Vitamins

For the past year, I have been huge fan of Olly Kids’ Vitamins, and I was excited to discover their new collection of Vitamin Boosts, which cater to a childs’ individualized needs. Their four options include Super Brainy, Growing Bones, Happy Tummy, and Mighty Immunity. When I showed Ryder, Siella, and Gemma the different choices, they were thrilled to get their very own bottle, all to themselves.

Olly Kids' Vitamins Olly Kids' Vitamins

Ryder has been taking the Super Brainy, which promotes healthy brain development. I’ve always given him added supplement of omegas, so I am happy that these daily vitamins offer added mega omegas, plus choline, and an essential B vitamin. The wild blueberry flavor doesn’t leave a fishy after taste from the fish oils, and the blue label was an added bonus, since blue is his favorite color.

Olly Kids' Vitamins

Siella tends to have a sensitive stomach from time to time, so I give her the Happy Tummy, which is a blend of prebiotics and probiotics plus a soothing peppermint. Happy Tummy nurtures a healthy ecosystem inside, with good guy bacterias such as Bacillus Coagulans, and Prebiotic FOS.

Olly Kids' Vitamins

Our little Gemmie gets a dose of Olly Kids Growing Bones. Each dose offers as much calcium as an average serving of dairy plus a boost of Vitamin D. I wasn’t too sure about sugar coated vitamins, but when I found out that the coating is actually made up of beets, I felt much better.

Olly Kids' VitaminsOlly Kids' Vitamins

And for the winter months, I plan to keep a stash of the Mighty Immunity on hand. Jam-packed with the good stuff including Acerola Cherry and Zinc, its formulated to help support those little immune systems in a big way, by helping to keep kids healthy.

Now, the kids actually look forward to taking their vitamins each day, and know which bottles belong to them. It makes our hectic mornings a bit easier, and I enjoy knowing that each of them gets supplements catered to what they need for their current stage of development.

Olly Kids' Vitamins

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  1. I had never heard of these before!!!
    I was very committed to vitamins when my daughter was younger – – she’s adopted and I don’t know how much nutrition she got prenatally – – but I have slacked.

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