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Halloween Style with Chasing Fireflies

Halloween has become such a big deal in our house, that I seem to have more fun now, than when I was younger. Back then, we would pick out a costume, wear it on the night of Halloween for trick or treating, and that was it. Now, we have neighborhood events, Halloween parties and playdates, and school soirees, so my kids wear their costumes about 5 times before actual Halloween night, and I absolutely love it.  It feels like we we celebrate Halloween for the entire month of October!

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Our trusted source for costumes has always been Chasing Fireflies. They offer the best of best, a costume for everyone in our family, and always have a variety of unique designs each year. Our first Chasing Fireflies Halloween themed catalog arrived in the mail around end of August. Ryder and Siella studied it for about a day or so before they announced this year’s winners.

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The kids had an absolute blast getting decked out in their Halloween costumes as soon as they are delivered, and this year, they are especially excited for all the events we have planned. Our house is almost fully decorated, we have already been apple picking, and pumpkin picking is on the book for next week.

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Ryder is absolutely obsessed with Star Wars, and he chose to be Darth Vader. Siella chose an Arabian Genie, why else, because its all pink, her favorite color. And for Gemma, we went with a Fortune Teller, or as I call it, The Gypsy, which I felt it played off of Siella’s Genie costume. The details on the Chasing Fireflies costumes are just so intricate, and made with the highest quality, and I know these costumes will withstand our many activities planned throughout the month.

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THE FORTUNE TELLER/GYPSY: She peers into the future and sees all her favorite candies. The free-spirited look is so intriguing in a layered dress with petticoat, sequined waist sash, scarf and embossed belt. And lets not forget the gold necklace, bracelet, and earrings add-ons.

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THE GENIE: The appearance of this beautiful costume conjures up images of ancient lands, flying carpets and magic lamps. The fancy pink velour top and harem-style pants are trimmed with decorative gold designs and coins. Tulle drapes from the back and attaches to a finger on each hand. For added detailing, pair the costume with the headpiece and attached veil, bindi, and gold treat bag.

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DARTH VADER: Faster than you can wave a lightsaber, your child will become the most infamous villain in the galaxy. Ryder is suited up in a black bodysuit with attached front plates and boot covers, cape, and sinister heavy-duty mask. No master of the dark side would dare venture out without his gloves and lightsaber either.

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I would love to hear what your children are going to be this year! Happy Halloween! xx


Thank you Chasing Fireflies for making this Halloween an unforgettable one! 

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10 thoughts on “Halloween Style with Chasing Fireflies”

  1. Halloween is probably my childrens favorite holiday and we do tend to celebrate all month as well. I absolutely adore these costumes. My son wants to be Darth Vader this year too!

  2. Unreal. The best Halloween costumes ever. Thank you so much for sharing. We love Chasing Fireflies too and always order through them as well.

  3. Come on now! These are by far the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. We usually get ours from party city or the nearby Halloween store but I think this year we will order from Chasing Fireflies.

  4. Love everything about this. You are so creative when you dress your children. I love how they all seem to play off one another.

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