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The Family That UGG Together

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This December will mark a whopping 15 years that I have lived in New York City. During my junior year of college at FIT, I decided to work full time during the day, while carrying a full work load of classes at night. The first two months of the semester, I powered through the 2 hour commute to work in the morning, and from school late in the evening.

After some debate, I finally convinced my parents I could be my own, and with all the time saved on travel, I may actually have more time to devote to my studies. So then, it all started. I moved into my first city apartment on 34th Street and 9th Avenue, that I shared with a college classmate. City life was what I had always dreamed, but it was definitely a shift from my norm, especially when it came to the winter months.

I gave up my car when I moved here, so traveling around, even to see my parents on weekends became a chore. For my first Christmas living in the city, my mother bought me my first pair of UGG Boots, and I can still remember her saying to me, I hope these will keep you warm on your long walks to work and school. Sure enough, they totally did, I think that half my office purchased UGG boots that super cold winter as well.

UGG Boots For The Family

Fast forward a decade and a half, and three kids later, the UGG brand has become a staple winter gear for our family. During Ryder’s first winter, I picked up a pair, to keep his tiny feet warm. I did the same for the girls, and even passed down a pair or two from Siella to Gemma. The kids live in them and their feet are constantly growing, so I buy each of them a new pair every winter, because I know they will be comfortable in these ultimate cold weather boots.

UGG Boots For The Family UGG Boots For The Family

This is Siella’s second pair of the Bailey Bow boots, in Cerise. When she out grew her pair from last year, she made me promise to get her the exact same pair, so how could I resist. These sweet boots are embellished with two fixed satin bows, which enhance the style, and the light, flexible outsole, with plush Twinface sheepskin keep her feet cozy and dry indoors or out. Like all UGG boots, durable construction and a cushioning insole ensure all-day comfort.

UGG Boots For The Family UGG Boots For The Family

Ryder is wearing UGG Kids’ Classic in grey, which provides all the same features and benefits as its grown-up predecessor, and make this quintessential style your kid’s everyday favorite.

UGG Boots For The Family UGG Boots For The Family

Having had plenty of pairs of classic UGG shoes, I wanted to try something different this season. I’m excited to show off my pair, from the limited edition collection that UGG partnered with Pendleton to create. Pendleton’s western flare is featured in the jacquard printed with a design that tips its hat to the beaches and mountains of Southern California, where UGG was founded. And let me tell you, the fur interior feels like I’m walking in slippers all day long.

UGG Boots For The Family UGG Boots For The Family

UGG Boots For The Family

UGG Boots For The Family

Gemma’s Bailey Bow Bloom is a take on Siella’s favorite, except this festively bright pair, offer metallic-striped satin bows. I just love the two tone contrast on her fun Medallion colored kicks.

UGG Boots For The Family UGG Boots For The Family

UGG launched the brand campaign, THIS IS UGG, back in the fall of 2014, which explores the idea that some of life’s biggest moments are usually when real life happens during the smaller moments. These personal leaps and adventures are all shared through moments and how we connect with one another. From that blistery college winter years ago, to the chilly strolls with my shorties, these are my UGG moments.


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  1. I got my four year old daughter her first pair of Uggs too and she loves them. I also love your daughter’s adorable kitten tights. Where did you get them?

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