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My friend Vanessa thought it would be fun to write a post and give my readers the inside scoop of what my daily life is really like. I usually see her in the mornings after I have already dropped off Ryder from school (which is about a 45 min round trip), came back home to nurse Gemma, and heading out the door to a media event. A few days ago, I decided to write down my routine hour by hour.

5am – Wake up! Yup Siella wakes up everyday at this time. So since I try not to wake up the entire house, I get up with her and usually she will wake Gemma in the midst of all this so I have both girls up at this time.

5:30am – Check emails, maybe squeeze in a paragraph of what I am writing.

6am – Ryder wakes up and I start making breakfast which feels like I’m cooking in a diner; cereal, yogurt, fruit, eggs, sometimes pancakes too. Packing Ryder’s lunch in between.

7am – Dress all three kids. Try to get Gemma down for a nap and then hop in a 2 minute (seriously) shower.

8am – Gemma wakes up and I feed her. The babysitter shows up and we talk about what’s happening for the day (babysitter is only here two-three days a week).

8:30am – Take Ryder to school with Siella in tow. Stop off at our favorite cafe and grab some scones.

9:15am – Arrive back from drop off.

9:45am – Off to music class in Tribeca with Siella. We have a class once a week as our definite Mommy & Me time.

11:00am – Class is over, head to Whole Foods for groceries.

11:45am – Back home, put Siella down for a nap. Feed Gemma or pump.

12:15pm – Both girls napping, starting working. Writing posts for my site as well as the others I contribute to. Check all my social media outlets.

1:30pm – Siella wakes up, feed her lunch. Get her ready to pick up Ryder with the babysitter.

2:00pm Start cooking dinner

3:00pm Feed Gemma, Ryder and Siella are now back from school and want to go to the park.

5:00pm – Back from the park, give kids a bath. Get ready for an event in the Meatpacking district.

5:30pm Pump and change my clothes and jump into a taxi.

7:30pm Home from the event. Siella is sleeping. Put Ryder to sleep.

8:00pm Feed Gemma once again and get her down to sleep for her “long” stretch

8:30-10:00pm Continuing working, writing, emails, texts, tweets, and facebook posts.

10:00pm-2:30am – sleep (zzzzz)

2:30am Gemma wakes and feed her.

3:15am – Get her back to sleep and myself.

5:00am Siella wakes up and it’s a new day!

I didn’t mention that Siella too wakes up in the middle of the night to go on the potty. And she is also getting her two year molars so I’m thinking that’s been keeping her up at night or just waking up early. Jason has also been away these past two weeks but this schedule wouldn’t change that much if he was home. Although he usually gets up with Siella and lets me sleep a little longer.

And that is the day in the life of a blogger and mommy! Wow, I’m exhausted just writing this!


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