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Featured on WTE: My Transition From 2 Kids to 3

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becoming a mom of three

Just two months ago, I became a mom of three — a son (four-and-a-half), daughter (almost two), and baby girl (eight weeks). We always wanted three kids, so now I feel truly blessed with the feeling that our family is finally complete.

I will admit, I am still in shock that I actually have three kids. The passing days and weeks seem to be a bit of a fog, as sleepless nights and crazy day routines keep us on the go. Sometimes, I have to remember to pause and take it all in, because the time is racing by so rapidly. Needless to say, adding that third kid under five is definitely a game changer!

As in most families, I feel my older two kids have been affected since our little one has come along. I’ve made a conscious effort of doing activities with each of them — individually, without the baby — so that they still feel special. They both love their new little sister, but with nursing around the clock, I don’t always have the time to just play, like we did in the past.

My older one is in school full-time, so his daily routine has pretty much stayed the same. When school lets out, we still chauffeur him along to his after school activities. But now, we make an extra effort for pit stops at some of our favorite frozen yogurt and cupcake joints.

My middle daughter takes a music class once a week, that I make sure to be present for. She is home with me during the day, so while the baby naps in the stroller, we try to get to a playground where we can play together.

Overall, it is all still a work in progress.

I’m shocked at the amount of outings we have managed to pull off as a family of five. I’m proud to say we’ve attended a New York Mets baseball game and visited the Central Park Zoo together. It’s definitely gets tough to get everyone out of the house in a timely manner, but it’s so worth it once we are at our destination.

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