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The Best Time To Be A Kid

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Now that Halloween is behind us, we are in full swing holiday mode. Holiday music can already be heard playing on the radio, and most stores are already decked with festive decor. The holidays are the best time of year when you’re a kid. All the wonder of wish lists, glittering lights, snow days, and shiny presents full of possibilities. From baking cookies to family parties to cozy pajama mornings, there are so many sweet and magical moments.

We have so many fun, holiday themed plans over the next two months, which we are all just looking so forward to! Over the years, our family of five has seemed to gather a number of traditions. Siella, my mom, and I always attend a showing of The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. Ryder and I have a special hot chocolate date at the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink. We all goto the Radio City Spectacular Show in early December, which immediately reinforces that holiday spirit. And we bake a ton of cookies for our friends and family.

This year, the kids are a little older, so I asked them what they love so much about holiday time. And I was shocked by their unanimous response. Sure they love the presents, but they all said spending time with our family makes them really happy. My heart nearly melted! It’s usually the one and only time of year that we can just relax and enjoy one another’s company.

Holiday time is also fun for dressing up the kiddies in cozy matching pajamas, and some festive, bright outfits! This year Gymboree has cozy essentials, and cool looks for all of your holiday celebrations. They’ve got you covered for the low-key nights watching Christmas movies, as well as big family dinners.

This year has been the year of the unicorn for the girls. I’m quite the fan too, so when I saw these unicorn sweater pieces from Gymboree, I knew the girls would flip over them. Siella’s sweater and skirt, and Gemma’s dress are just darling. They are cozy and comfortable, with just right amount of glitz and sparkle!

Sure, there’s nothing like experiencing the holidays as a kid, but its a pretty special time to be a parent. I plan on cherishing each and every moment of this magical time with them.

Which pieces are your favorite from Gymboree? Be sure to head over to my Instagram page where I’ll be giving away a $50 Gift Card to shop Gymboree!

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13 thoughts on “The Best Time To Be A Kid”

  1. I like shopping at Gymboree for my kids’ clothes – whatever season it may be. They always have cute outfits that are really comfy and last a long time. I like your girls’ unicorn themed sweater and dress!

  2. Holidays really are a great time to be a kid. So happy that your little ones look super ecstatic in those outfits! I loved being a kid at holiday time, it was so much fun and joyous!

  3. It’s awesome that you’re doing so many fun activities together. I can see why they like the holidays so much! The new outfits are cute!

  4. I love the holidays especially now that I have kids. It is like being a kid all over again. I love their outfits! So cute! We will have to check out Gymboree for some holiday shopping!

  5. I like every Gymboree clothing item I’ve bought for my granddaughter so far. Also love that your kids love spending time with family.

  6. These outfits are so adorable. I loved to shop at Gymboree when my kids were little. The clothes are always stylish and very durable.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Gymboree since my kids were little. They have the cutest clothes and they hold up so well. I was sad to learn that our local store is closing. The only good thing about it is that I was able to stock up on some great deals for my nephew.

  8. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    I love holidays since I was a kid. I feel like this is the most important times of the year. And now my kids enjoy holidays, too! Kids love wearing bright and comfy clothes! 😀

  9. As a boy mom I’m so jealous of their sweater and skirts for the holidays. Our son is almost too big for Gymboree, but we love their options.

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