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A Salty Air Break

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There’s nothing I love more than spending a weekend at the beach, even during the autumn months. Montauk is one of my favorite places to get away from it all, because it’s super quiet, relaxing, and the kids love the escape too. Since school has started we’ve been tied down to the city every weekend with Ryder and Siella’s soccer games, but this weekend we decided to ditch it all. Jason, big surprise, was away for work, and normally I would’ve cancelled, but we all overdue for this break, so I asked my sister to join us!

Packing for a weekend away with the kids and the dogs is no easy task, but by now, with all of our travel, my loading up a suitcase or two is kind of on auto pilot. After school drop off on Friday morning, I started to gather our things, including warm clothes, bathing suits for the indoor pool, dog food for the dogs, and Gemma’s cough medicine. Quite the list for only 2 days away, but a saving grace during travel are my O-Venture accessories.

My Big O Key Ring and Ossential Card Case Wallet have become part of my everyday uniform, so I rarely leave home without it. This combo typically holds my keys to my home, money, and credit cards; and when on the road, I tack on our car and room keys. O-Venture accessories keep me extremely organized and my mom brain in check, because traveling with three kids is no easy task.

O- Venture accessories include the Big O Key Ring, Ossential Card Cases, accessories and cOmbOs, all available in more than 80 colors and styles. I love swapping out my colors each season, and my newest fav is the snakeskin embossed Big O Key Ring paired with the fifty shades lizard – Ossential card case. Jason even uses the O-bOy mOney clips.

O-Venture has been on the top of my list when it comes to gifting some of the special women in my life. I already have a few O-Ring’s to gift on my holiday list. In fact, my sister requested one for herself too as she was eyeing mine all weekend.




O-Venture allows me to stay hands free in style – allowing me to keep up with the constant on-the-go schedules of my children as well as our love for travel and special weekend escapes like these. That little break, with some salty air and ocean waves are just what we needed, before the start of the holiday hustle and bustle.

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28 thoughts on “A Salty Air Break”

  1. That view of the beach is STUNNING!! What I would give to be there right now! I am totally loving your My Big O Key Ring and Ossential Card Case Wallet also!

  2. I love the beach in Autumn too! It’s so fresh and breezy. That O ring thing looks like something I could use! Cool contraption

  3. O-Venture sounds like a great line! I travel all the time, so the ring and the card case would be perfect for me. They’re super snazzy!

  4. I am interested in that Big O key ring for sure. I carry a lot of things and this would make life easier. BTW, I know you know this, but your kids are adorable.

  5. Nicole Shillings

    Awe, your family is just so precious! I love that O key ring. I’m always digging for my keys, that would be a great way to have them handy all the time.

  6. I like the big O ring! It looks practical. I haven’t been to the beach in many years! Some fresh salt air is what the doctor ordered!

  7. This is perfect for travel or when going out for a walk. I hate carrying a big purse or a fanny pack when walking so I love the idea and look of this!

  8. I am loving these handy gadgets! There are plenty of occasions where hauling around my entire purse is just not practical, but now there is no reason not to stay organized.

  9. What a great break away from it all. I think many neglect to realize the beauty of the ocean during the fall season. The perfect way to get away with the family.

  10. The O key ring is such a nice way of keeping your things in one place. Your trip to the beach looked like a good time!

  11. It is not easy packing for a trip when you are bringing kids and pets. I need to get myself a Big O Key Ring, Ossential Card Case.

  12. Our Family World

    I love the Big O Ring. That would be all I need to have with me at all times. I am the kind who “forgets” the essentials and I really hate it when I have to drive back home because I forgot my wallet or my card, or my cellphone. Thanks for the review. I’m going to get this for myself.

  13. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic quick trip to the beach. That’s really awesome. I’d love to check out O-venture! That key ring is heaven sent, makes it easier for you to keep your keys close!

  14. I love this! I totally need one of these rings and cases. I am always juggling my keys and purse and everything the kids need. This would definitely be helpful!

  15. That Big O Key Ring is so stylish…I can see myself using something like that. I like that you can wear it on your wrist or just carry it by the hoop.

  16. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    That looks gorgeous! I love that you can put your important stuff in that O- Key ring! Would love to get one!

  17. I’m always losing things–my wallet, my keys, my mind. That O-Ring is such a stylish way to keep it all together so I don’t have as many things to keep track of.

  18. Kelly Hutchinson

    I have never seen anything like the Big O Ring! What a handy thing, no pun intended, to have! I sure could use one of those!

  19. It looks like you and your family had a great time! I love the O key ring. I’m gonna definitely check that out for me. Thanks for sharing.

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