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The 12 Best Weekender Bags

Short trips are sometimes more fun than longer trips. You get to use up all the time to do everything you’d like and see everything you wish to see. A weekend trip is kinda our thing! We have a house out east and head there from the city just about every weekend we can! Moreover, a weekend getaway is something we love to do when the kids are off school. Packing never gets easier, so having the perfect weekend bag that has everything we need is incredibly important.

Henceforth, here are my top 12 choices for the best weekender bags!


Firstly, our go-to travel bag options for a few days’ worth of items is usually a duffel bag. There’s just something to simple about them and they are far less intimidating than a whole suitcase. We tend to toss them in the trunk and just head on our way! But you have to make sure it’s a large size and my biggest tip is to use a dust bag or a shoe bag for all shoes so they don’t touch any clothes or personal items. If you’re going on a road trip, I would say go for a duffel bag because you really don’t need the wheels. The right bag will look different for everyone. They unzip easily for easy access and there are so many spacious bag option son the market for overnight stays!


Secondly, a suitcase option is great for any flights or longer stays. They pretty much can fit a week’s worth of clothes and are an excellent choice if you have to pack something like big dresses or a bunch of shoe options. Having a bag that doesn’t weigh on your shoulders in case you have to stand in an for airport long periods of time. One thing I need is a spacious main compartment to store all of my important items with room to organize it all separately.

A quick trip doesn’t mean I won’t be over packing, the best part is the looks! A bag that is great value is my number one priority along with a water resistant fabric. Furthermore, you never know what might spill inside or outside. A wheeling suitcase is perfect for essential storage space, organizational features and the right size to still fit in an overhead compartment.

Important Features

Finally, no matter what type of bag you choose, there are tons of important features to consider. For instance, a detachable strap or external pockets to store travel documents. My travel essentials require separate compartments for all of my carry on-must haves such as a laptop compartment, a padded shoulder strap and a built in trolley sleeve. This allows the option for the bag to hook onto a suitcase so you can roll it instead of carrying it throughout the whole airport or train station.

Moreover, price point can be a determining factor, so finding a great price for both the quality and features is an important thing to consider. A quick getaway should be fun, don’t worry about the packing aspect too much!

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Firstly, these bags are not only so fun to look at, but they fit so much! They come in tons of colors and sizes and have a few strap options so you can even wear it as a backpack.
The name says it all: it will carry it all! These bags are super cozy and can fit everything you need for the weekend! They also come in tons of colors and sizes.
It’s pink! You know I love fun colorways, but this bag is so much more than that. There’s an underneath compartment for shoes or really anything you’d like to store in there and it’s under $100!
I love any bag that hooks onto a suitcase for easy transportation! This bag comes in a few colors and holds everything!
These quilted bags are so on trend! This option is under $40 and great for a roadtrip!
This is one of our go-to bags when we go to our home out east for the weekends! Not only is it so cute, but it comes in a few patterns and really fits a ton!
Sometimes, we need more room than a duffle can provide! Also, wheels make everything easier! I love Away luggage, we use them for every trip!
This is a newer brand to me and I honestly love it! They have options where the front unzips so it’s an extra pocket for anything like a laptop!
She’s an icon, she’s a legend! My girls and I reach for these all the time between our home out east, their sleepovers, etc. They have tons of color options and they are so durable.
This suitcase is under $60! How cute is it?! I love great Amazon finds, especially for travel!
This bag is also under $60 and it comes with different totes for organization! I love the bottom compartment option, as well.
How genius is this?! It packs and opens like a portable closet! So everything stays organized and neat.

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