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Essential Spring Layers

Spring is practically here and I am beginning to dig into my transitional wardrobe pieces. The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far, is that I’m lacking in layering pieces, so I’ve decided to take to the stores and online boutiques to find exactly what I need for the changing seasons. Moreover, the pieces I’ve found are great for both spring and summer, maybe even fall!

Getting Started

Let’s begin with the basics! When it comes to layering pieces, I feel like a lot of people assume a jean jacket is the only option, but there are a ton of trendy and capsule finds that are perfect for your closet. Furthermore you’d be surprised at which trends stick around for awhile. Maybe try even going for pieces you haven’t owned yet.


Firstly, sweaters are a classic, casual way to layer up and keep warm while the seasons begin to change. For instance, I have been obsessed with Maridruna sweaters, each piece is hand-knitted and can take around 20 days to make! Can you imagine how much hard work goes into that? Specifically, it’s truly amazing to see such talent! For example, sweaters are such a great option for layers that can easily be taken from day to night. I love supporting such hard work and the sweaters are gorgeous. Cardigans are very on trend at the moment, especially cropped.

Jean Jackets

Furthermore, everyone needs a jean jacket in their closet! Secondly, it is a staple item and these can be worn with literally anything. Jean on jean even is in style now! However, it’s totally acceptable to pair different jean washes together or the same to complete a look. I personally love wearing them with dresses or matching sets.

Moto Jackets

Finally, moto jackets are so in style and honestly, I don’t think they’ll ever go anywhere. They are a great example of a capsule staple item. I recommend them to be an option to be dressed both up or down- any outfit works with them and they keep you warm. For instance, they look so good draped over your shoulders, in a chic, casual way.

Let me know what your favorite light layers are. I know there are so many cool trends these days and I love to keep up to date! What are you reaching for this season?

Firslty, I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this brand! Everything is hand-knitted and perfect for a layering essential.
Secondly, I love this sweater! Also, the colors scream spring to me and it’s light weight enough for the season.
This jacket is so on trend with puffers being in style. Equally, I love the little pearls on it, I think it adds great texture to any outfit.
I love this version of a bomber jacket! To add, not only is it so cute, but it gives great texture to your outfit and so many colors to choose from.
Additionally, quilted jackets are all the rage this year. And for good reason, they are so comfy! This one comes in a ton of colors to choose from.
I love the look of moto jackets, they are structured, yet relaxed. This one is incredibly versatile and perfect for spring and fall!
The sleeves on this denim are so fun! Imagine this with a white dress? Perfection! It comes in a few colors, too.
How stunning is this cardigan?! It’s quickly become a staple piece in my closet and for obvious reason, it’s so my style!
I’m a sucker for teddy jackets! However, I think this one is a great closet staple and can be worn with anything from jeans and a tee to a dress. It also comes in pink.
Colored denim is such a fun way to express yourself! Obviously, I just picture myself wearing it out all spring and summer!
Furthermore, moto jackets are great to dress up and down. This one is so dainty and pretty, I couldn’t resist! I love the suede fabric to switch things up.
In addition, jackets don’t have to be heavy. This one is amazing quality for the price-it’s on sale!
I love this vegan jacket! Particularly, the color is such a pretty cream and it goes with everything!
Moreover, I love Agolde, I think they are one of the best jean brands out there! Specifically, this jacket is the perfect jean jacket!
Finally, blazers are how everyone is dressing up outfits these days! They are so classy and can be worn in so many different ways.

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49 thoughts on “Essential Spring Layers”

  1. You have the most amazing taste when it comes to your wardrobe. I love your subtle taste in colors and how you layer your clothing. You are also beautiful! I always enjoy coming to your website to visit.

  2. I really like your style and the way you dress and express yourself. Thanks for this inspiration. I’m so excited for that winter to spring wardrobe transition.

  3. Melanie Edjourian

    I think you’ve got a great fashion sense. This time of year you need to layer. A coat or cardi with a dress can work well.

  4. I like that you have a lot of cozy pieces in this collection. I live in NY as well and spring isn’t always particularly warm! Those fuzzy sweaters are so cute.

  5. Whitney Stewart

    Wah!! If I bought everything in your site, I’d go broke! But I love it all SO MUCH! This sucks! I wear nothing but cardigans during the cold months, so I’ll probably start with those and work my way up. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. This article on spring layers is a lifesaver! I love how the writer gives practical advice and style tips that are easy to follow. Can’t wait to try out some of these looks!

  7. I think layering is a great way to showcase one’s personal style. Being from a tropical country, layering is not a common choice among us. However, I do like the concept of wearing several stylish attires to showcase my character.

  8. Nnniiiicccceeeeee….I love the moto jacket! It looks just like those worn by riders in the MotoGP races. I wouldn’t mind receiving a donation of a sweater in this time of the year.

  9. Jennifer Prince

    I have a moto jacket, but I don’t reach for it often. I totally need to change that and wear it more!

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