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Spring Cleaning and Organization Essentials

With Spring time here, it’s time to get the house in order! Spring cleaning and organization go hand in hand and we’re going to need a lot more than just some all purpose cleaner and paper towel options. The best way to start off a new season is with a fresh space. So throw your blankets you maybe haven’t washed in awhile in your washing machine and grab that extendable duster you haven’t touched in awhile to get started! Here are a few new items I’ve gotten my hands on to begin the cleaning process for the spring cleaning season.

Fridge Refresh

I’ve been reading up on water filters and this is my favorite pitcher at the moment! The filter not only lasts a year, but it actually removes microplastics, bacteria and parasites compared to the popular filters that remove hardly anything. They have different sizes and colors! The LifeStraw pitcher actually has a dual filter. The membrane microfilter lasts 1 year while the activated carbon + ion exchange filter lasts 40 gallons (2 months). If you’re looking to make not only a health improvement in your home, but some fridge organization, this is the product I’d start with!


Lifestraw Pitcher

The Best Cleaner

Firstly, when it comes to spring cleaning essentials, getting rid of anything with harsh chemicals for deep cleaning is where I like to begin. There really are so many natural cleaning products these days and those harsh chemicals are not only dangerous for little ones, but they are totally hormone disruptors. That’s an entire rabbit hole, though! Another thing I like when it comes to cleaning solution is reusable bottles. We save the planet a little while having a clean home. It’s a win for everyone!

I’ve been looking into more nontoxic cleaning options for my home. This essential kit comes with hand soap, bathroom cleaner, multi-surface and glass cleaner. And all the bottles are reusable!

Blueland Essentials Kit

These plant-based and biodegradable wipes are where it’s at! I love finding clean products that are amazing for the environment. The reusable container is sleek and modern, too. These are great for so many things like wiping countertops, surfaces like the kitchen table and bathroom sink and residue buildup. The best part is, it doesn’t even require a thorough scrub to get gunk off like some harsh chemical cleaners do.

Biom Wipes

Floor Options

I know a lot of people are used to taking a bucket of warm water and going to town on floors. But I feel like that dirty water is impossible to keep clean and just dunking a mop back into it feels like it’s not a good idea. I have kids and a dog, so clean floors are something I’m always working on! First things first: a great vacuum cleaner and spray mop will change your life!

Having a great vacuum is underrated! This has been my favorite for some time now and I love the fact that it’s cordless and pink!


Having a mop that has a head you can easily throw in the wash to clean is a game changer! This spray mop has tons of cleaner options for any type of floor. It comes with microfiber cloths that attach to the bottom and they are easily removable to wash.

Bona Mop


Finally, organization is something that is not always easy to keep up with. With the warmer months come a lot of outdoor activities and of course, a good time! Keeping organized on top of regular cleanings is something that will look different for everyone. I have a few items I put at the top of my to-do list and I keep them organized in their own bins and ares for the entire house. I have a system that works for all of my family members and everyone is in charge of their own things.

Along with cleaning comes organization for the space. For my bathroom, I love to have containers to organize everything, especially in the city. Everyone having their own caddy separates and organizes each of our belongings. And this way, there’s no mix ups or fighting over items!


I love having clear bins to categorize everything in my home. It keeps everything together and organized while still being able to see what is in each bin.

Clear Bins

Shoes are something I cannot handle being all over the place. I found the cutest shoe organizers that look like normal pieces of furniture!

Shoe Organizer

Shoe Locker

Good cleaning and a freshly organized space don’t require a ton of purchases. It’s more of an internal change and whatever works best for you is what you need to do! I hope you found at least one item that will make your life a little bit easier this next season. Let me know what your spring organization and cleaning must-haves are!

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