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Mother Daughter Vegas Trip to See Taylor Swift Eras Tour

While Vegas may be known for its bright lights, slot machines, gambling tables, nightclubs, my friend and I took our daughters there for something much more wholesome. We surprised them with a Vegas trip to see the Taylor Swift Eras Tour! *insert teenage girl screams here*! We packed up our friendship bracelets and eras tour outfits and headed out to Vegas as the biggest Taylor Swift fans!


Both my daughter and her good friend were having birthdays – on separate days but still close together – Gemma turning the big double digits, so her mom and I hatched a plan to secure tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert, something the girls had been asking for since the tickets went on sale. Within a day, we secured a hotel, had airline tickets booked, and Taylor Swift tickets, and we were ready to take four screaming girls on an adventure that they’d never forget. The thing is, we had to keep the secret for 3 months. THREE!

I’m usually good at keeping secrets, but this one was so big, it was hard, you guys. I posted it absolutely nowhere on social media because I didn’t want the girls to find out, and I didn’t even tell that many people. Anyone that did know had to be sworn to secrecy. It was a unique experience to see one of Taylor’s shows, which was a show of a lifetime and we couldn’t pass it up! It was early April, so it was a big deal to be able to see Taylor Swift’s performance that early on.

Revealing the Surprise

When it was close to the concert, like the day before we left – surprised the girls after school. We captured the epic surprise all on tape, I could seriously cry every time I think of it. You can check it out on my TikTok, but be assured they were happy and there was a lot of screaming and jumping up and down. The word surprised and ecstatic definitely doesn’t cut it!


And so, we all headed out on a flight cross country to Vegas. Oh, and I don’t want to toot my and my friend’s horns, buuuuuut… we stayed at Wynn Resort. So, you know – toot! The girls were ecstatic. I’ve stayed here several times when coming for trade shows and just love this hotel. The Wynn/Encore is just about the most immaculate, over-the-top, and super posh places you can stay in Vegas, so it made the perfect home base for a weekend of Taylor Swift goodness and some of the best memories we’ll ever have. It was way more than just a good time and I think Taylor’s other guests would all agree! The girls were grinning ear to ear the whole time and it was one of the best places we’ve ever been!

The Concert

We flew in on a Friday evening, and the Taylor Swift concert was Saturday evening, which means we had an entire day to explore. And who says Vegas isn’t for kids. We started the day with shopping at the Bellagio Hotel, had a birthday lunch for Gemma at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris, took a picture with showgirls outside of the iconic fountains, went on the rollercoaster at the New York, New York, and then relaxed poolside at the Wynn before heading to the show.


The Stadium

That evening, the six of us, including us mamas were super giddy as we headed into Allegiant Stadium not really knowing what to expect of the 4th night in all of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. And let me just say WOW, the show was absolutely beyond anything I’ve ever imagined, and hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to in my entire life! I think everyone agreed. Taylor performed for over three hours, had multiple costume changes that were to die for, and of course two surprise songs. She played “Cowboy Like Me” with Marcus Mumford and “White Horse”. The girls we freaking out the entire time, it was actually their reactions that made this entire surprise and experience even more special.

Our Trip

Our mother daughter Vegas trip is something that none of us girls will ever forget. The girls were blown away by their stay at the hotel and seeing Taylor Swift Eras Tour live in Las Vegas, and we moms were just so happy to see our girls be so happy. These are the kind of memories that stick with children throughout their entire lives, and I’m so glad we go to experience it together. Truly a fantastic experience and definitely a 10th birthday my littlest will never forget!

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