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The Crispest Summer Wines

There’s nothing better than crisp lighter wines on a hot summer day. We’ll be hosting a bunch this summer and I thought I’d share some of the best summer wines, in my opinion! The summer months call for lighter wines with tropical fruits and crisp acidity. We like to keep it light over here in the summer and that first sip of sweet wine is very telling. The perfect wine has notes of citrus, light body, bright acidity and fruity flavors for a great food pairing and overall summertime wines. Out here, the summer season is full of hot days and the best options for delicious wines are typically a white blend, orange wines and rosé wines. Pair these with light salads and cheese bites for the perfect pairing. These are our favorite summertime wine choices for a nice, cool glass of wine in the warmer months to relax with after all of those beach days.

summer wine


Firstly, not only are the prices of these wines fabulous, but they have a wide range and phenomenal variety to choose from. For summertime, I personally favor the Sauvignon Blanc because it’s a crisp white wine with notes of citrus. You can order these wines online directly to your door and they even have free shipping for orders over $75! Last summer, this was one of our top go-to choices. The fruity notes and price point made it perfect for hosting on warm days.

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summer wine

Pink Flamingo Gris de Gris

Secondly, apart from how adorable this bottle is, this is one of the crispest, most delicious wines to indulge in this summer! This fruity rosé has a hint of lemon and is actually harvested at night in efforts to retain its freshness. We recommend pairing this with a whipped dessert or any seafood this summer. Retailing at $16.99, you just can’t beat this price!


Thirdly, speaking of amazing variety, Wolffer is up there as a top choice with so many options for your preferences. They actually have a wine called Summer in a Bottle and it is exactly that! With notes of chardonnay, riesling, pinot blanc and sauvignon blanc, it’s truly the crispest white wine around! You can really taste the passionfruit, peach, honey and lychee, which is a great blend of flavors. One of my favorite parts is that the bottle is stunning! It’s covered in flowers and makes the perfect gift for any gathering you are attending.

Chateau Minuty Limited Edition Provence Rosé is a beautiful option for any summer meal. It’s another really pretty bottle, but the taste is even better than it looks! The rosé is light in body, has a light dryness and has fruity and floral notes, so it ultimately goes well with anything you’re eating!

summer wine Daughters

I wanted to make sure I include an orange wine in here because they scream summer to me! Of course, you can enjoy them year round, but they are so light and fruity, that summertime seems ideal for consumption. The 2016 Envelope Orange Wine is full of flavor! With notes of dried apricots, peaches, honey, roses, lychees, brown spice, brown sugar, apple compote, minerals, butterscotch and dried papaya, you are getting the best of every world here. I know these are more complicated flavors, but trust me when I tell you it’s one of the best orange wines around! Channing Daughters has a wine club where you can become a member and get great perks!

Hampton Water 

I think we all know what the main focus here is. The Hampton Water Rosé is incredibly popular and for very good reason. It’s delicious! It’s crisp and light while being stunning to look at. This French wine has notes of strawberry and citrus, which I always think is so interesting because the strawberry isn’t overpowering at all. Serve with cheese and crackers and you have the ultimate party on your hands!

summer wine

Let’s chat organic wine for a moment here. I’ve been reading that organic wine has way less sulfites in it because it doesn’t undergo the process most wines do, so if you feel like you have some allergy symptoms after drinking wine, you might want to go organic! I assumed because these wines are organic, that they would be super expensive and that’s not the case at all. At price points under $25 a bottle, this organic wine is what I’ll be sipping on all summer long! They have Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and a red blend, so you can find something for everyone!

Cotes de Roses

Can you believe this wine is under $18?! Any time I find a great price for alcohol that actually tastes amazing, I get really excited! This Mediterranean Rosé is harvested with a variety of grapes. It’s incredibly light, airy and fresh with some fruity undertones that are not overpowering. I think rosé is a fabulous summer wine!


On the rosé note, I have another recommendation! I know I’m not making your wine decisions much easier here with all of these options, but at least you’ll have a list of top choices! It hails from the north of Provence and has fresh notes of roses and lemon zest. Any wine that has a hint of lemon is a win in my book because it’s a bit tart and pairs so well with cheese!

Whispering Angel

Whispering Angel is another iconic wine for the summertime! They are well known for their light wines and what’s better for the summer than the perfect beach wine? The brand has a rosé called The Beach and that name is the perfect description of where I want to be when I’m sipping on it! It’s medium bodied with a light dryness to balance it out. This option pairs incredibly well with foods like mushrooms, beef and lamb.

summer wine

Summer Water

I love everything Summer Water puts out! Truly they don’t make a bad wine. If you’re looking for a fabulous summer red, go for their Keep it Chill Red. It has flavors like blackberry, clove, red cherry and raspberry and is light enough to pair with fish or chicken. On top of this wine, they have whites, rosés and orange wine, as well!

Sip Channe

Finally, we’re finishing off with another amazing rosé choice! This rosé has hints of white flowers, cherry, passion fruit and apricots. It’s under $20 and is made in the south of France. Can you imagine a better rosé?! Pair it with chicken or fish and enjoy your summer night!

*This post was originally published July 13th, 2023*

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