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Sunday Swoon: P.S. Aeropostale

It amazes me that Ryder has now grown out of most of his clothes since starting school this year. It’s only been three months and my little size 6 string bean is now a size 7. I am either shrinking his clothes or he is just sprouting at the speed of light.

IMG_9556 IMG_9562

PS Aeropostale is a favorite brand for me to shop for his school duds. They offer high quality, on trend silhouettes, and at affordable prices. He is rough and tough on his clothes and I know PS Aeropostale can withstand this resilient first grader.

IMG_9575 IMG_9623

For Ryder, I scooped up a ton of these thermal hoody’s which come in an array of colors, this plaid flannel he can definitely wear for the holidays, and ripped jeans which are always in style!


What’s your swoon…

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 Thank you PS Aeropostale for sponsoring this post. 

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