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Sunday Swoon: Little Twig and Sparrow

It’s no secret I have a thing for buying pajamas for my kids. I feel it’s the only time when I can match my trio and it  actually looks cute. When it comes to pj’s I want to make sure they are of the highest quality fabric and comfy for my children. After all, they are in their jammies for more hours than any other time of the day. I just discovered this incredible brand called Little Twig & Sparrow.


All of their pajamas are sewn using Peruvian pima cotton, so they are super comfy and wash like a dream. The fact that they can withstand wash after wash is a winner for me, because most of the time our pj’s wind up falling apart after many cycles. They have a sleek skinny cut and come in a variety of contemporary colors.


The brand is made for both boys and girls in sizes 12 months – 9 years old. And I just love the mix and match options offered. The design is subtle yet adds a fun and unique spin on pj’s, not to mention the durability. Designer Michelle is a mom of 4, three being boys and knows what it takes to manufacture a good pair of pj’s. Little Twig & Sparrow are only in their second season but are known as the must-have pj around the world.



And if you are looking for a sweet gift, Little Twig and Sparrow comes in these cute little pouches made of the same soft Peruvian fabric.



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