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Sunday Styles: Me & Em

As one of my true passions lands in fashion, I love finding great styles and pieces for, not only myself, but my kids as well.

One of the most exciting things about the industry is the ever evolving styles year after year. Something I truly love is the growth in companies that now give back!


Sunday Styles: Me & Em For Good | Stroller In The City
I love seeing how companies turn challenging situations into something positive, like ME&EM For Good, a jewelry company that did just that. The brand was founded after Emily Barere’s daughter, Ella, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Emily Barere was working as the Creative Director for two jewelry companies at the time Ella was diagnosed.
Sunday Styles: Me & Em For Good | Stroller In The City
Emily Barere along with Maria Strandberg, mother of Ella’s friend, Molly, came together to create ME&EM For Good.
Born out of young Ella’s very unfortunate diagnoses and an everlasting friendship, ME&EM For Good helps other superhero children with their fight against cancer. The beautiful designs, jewels, and charms are the cherry on top of this wonderful foundation.
For every piece sold, $1- $10 is donated to the Tackle Kids Cancer Foundation. Plus they have the support and backing of Eli Manning, who has taken a stand against childhood cancer, and helps raise funds and awareness.
Sunday Styles: Me & Em For Good | Stroller In The City Sunday Styles: Me & Em For Good | Stroller In The City
ME&EM For Good features bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with special charms. The entire collection is elegant, bright, and charming! ME&EM For Good can be found in shops throughout Tribeca and online!
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Sunday Styles: Me & Em For Good | Stroller In The City

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Me & Em”

  1. wow those jewelry pieces are stunning! i love that they can be worn by both kids and adults, and add a nice pop of color to any outfit 🙂

  2. More and more companies are on trend with giving back to notable causes and I think this is another great example! And their pieces are gorgeous too!

  3. This jewelry company has so many cute things. I definitely think that there are so many items here that can go with so much.

  4. So pretty! This is the first time I have heard of ME&EM For Good charm jewelry and they are so adorable! I happen to love charms and I sell them too via Keep Collective. Personalized jewelry is my thing :).

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