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Sunday Styles: Little Dancer

The girls are still very much into dance, and a recent pre bedtime routine has been pumping up Alexa for a dance party! Kidz Bop Kids is typically the music of choice, with most songs already committed to memory. It’s pure comedy watching their impromptu dance numbers, while they sing aloud, especially when it’s in full dress up mode! This fall, ballet and hip hop classes will continue, which I know they are busting to get back into.

Little Dancer childrenswear

I love finding new outfits for their dress ups and dance, and I recently discovered a new childrenswear line called, Little Dancer, which is a dance-inspired activewear for your free spirited little girl. Avail in sizes 2 – 8, they combine soft, breathable cottons and jerseys with traditional tulles. The mix and match colors in the collections can create an outfit for dance, school, play or for any special occasion.

Little Dancer childrenswear Little Dancer childrenswear

By creating modern pieces that draw inspiration from the whimsical and magical, Little Dancer allows girls to play all day, or dance all night. These are the perfect outfits to support her imagination while allowing her to move with ease and grace. The girls loved their new Leotard with Flutter Sleeve and Tutu!

Little Dancer childrenswear Little Dancer childrenswear Little Dancer childrenswear Little Dancer childrenswear

My other favorite pieces from the line include this Maya Sweatshirt and these Patch Leggings because they are everyday pieces with a ballerina twist! I will for sure be ordering these for back to school come fall!

Little Dancer childrenswear Little Dancer childrenswear

And my absolute fav part! When you support Little Dancer, you are buying products made in the U.S.A., but you’re also helping make children’s dreams of dance a reality. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the GRoW @ The Wallis Children’s Dance Programs, at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Bravo Little Dancer!


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Little Dancer”

  1. Your daughters are such beauties. Every post you share with them as the stars is always a favorite of mine. I have three kids, and I love to see children showing off and having fun.

  2. Catherine Sargent

    These are so cute. My little niece would love it, she loves to play dress up and have dance parties.

  3. What a cute style for little dancers. The colors are an adorable choice as well. I never had a little dancer, so I do enjoy seeing what dancing moms have for their little ones. I bet other parents of little dancers will enjoy seeing this option for style.

  4. Your daughters are adorable! They seem to have the grace to grow up to be ballet dancers, especially your older daughter. She can definitely strike a pose!

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