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Sunday Styles: Kids Winter Gear

Sunday Styles: Kids Winter Gear | Stroller In The City

Let’s face it, winter is not over yet! In fact, Ryder and I have a trip planned to do some West Coast skiing during his spring break in just a few weeks. I get questions daily about the gear my children love to wear on the slopes, so here’s a list of our favorites that are stylish, yet are sure to keep them warm!

  • Roxy Jetty Snow Jacket  – The detailing of this jacket is light and fun. The jacket include a pocket for a mountain pass, it is waterproof, and insulated!


  • Seamless Skullface Mask – When temperatures drop, but the kids’ still want to hit the slopes, it’s crucial we have every piece of gear that will keep as many body parts warm as possible! This face mask does just that and is so fun for Ryder!


  • Fleece Base Layer – I love these fleece base layers for under the kids’ snow gear. The patterning is so fun and comes in a variety of options!


  • Snow Pants – For your kids that don’t enjoy snoveralls, a good pair of snow pants are a must! These pants are so easy to match with other snow gear!


  • Pom Pom Beanie – How fun is this beanie? I love the cute, goggle design with the added pom!


  • Kombi Ripcord Gloves  – When it comes to snow gear for the kids, it’s important to have accessories that will keep them warm, and not fall off. The chord keeps the gloves on tights and the black color easily goes with any outfit.


  • Uproar Jacket – I love the flannel design of this snow jacket and the solid colored hood.


  • Electric Eyewear – These reflective goggles are great for protecting the kids’ eyes while on the mountain!


  • Shredder Beanie  – A good hat is a must when you’re on the mountain and this one maintains warmth and easily fits with other snow gear.


  • Gloves – I love the strap on the wrists for these gloves. For the kids’ snow gear, I always like to find things that are just as cute as they are practical! 


  • Snoveralls – The bright purple color is so fun for the kids! Snoveralls are easier to manage and stay up, than pants, when the kids are skiing or snowboarding. 


  • Pink & Blue Ski Goggles  – I love the bright pink coloring and pink lens of these goggles. They are comfortable for your kids and have the frame for extra protection. 

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Kids Winter Gear”

  1. Excellent finds for cold weather.
    I’m even freezing here in Southern California! I wish the darling thermal base layers were available in my size. I’d be wearing them right now!

  2. I know my boys would love the skull face mask! I think they would think it looks cool. I’d have to get our little one the pink ski goggles, her favorite color. Lots of awesome winter gear!

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