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Sunday Styles: Jamaica Wear

We are just heading back from our trip to Jamaica today, and I have to say we are leaving here with heavy hearts. The four days we spent here were not only about family time and fun in the sun, but also about giving back to the community. I will give more details in a later post, but we had the chance to visit a school here, donate supplies, and even work with the first graders. And that’s not all, Ryder and I participated in a beach clean up. In just two hours, our team collected over 500 pounds of garbage from a local beach. Pretty impressive if you ask me! But more on our trip a little later.


These wrap dresses Siella and Gemma are wearing were a huge hit! The girls are all about dresses, and these latest wrap dresses from Infinity for Girls couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion!

IMG_7902 IMG_7884 IMG_7911 IMG_7893

We have become huge fans of the brand, and they always somehow manage to pop make their way into their suitcases. The brand is fun, stylish, and the attention to detail is always on trend!

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