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Sunday Styles: Fancy Feet

Somewhere between kindergarten and first grade, Ryder started to have an opinion about what he wears. His latest uniform of choice – sweat pants and sneakers. He doesn’t mind any of the tees I usually pull for the day, as long as it doesn’t have buttons, and definitely no collar. It seems as if his no jean rule has also rubbed off on Siella, which leaves their drawers bustling with tons of unworn jeans. It’s gotten to the point that Jason and I made a rule requiring them to wear jeans at least twice a week.
Florsheim Dressy Shoes For Boys

We recently had a few fancy occasions where sneakers for Ryder just wouldn’t cut it. In search for a comfy, yet dressy shoe for Ryder, I stumbled upon these Florsheim’s. I’ve known the brand for as long as I can remember, understandably so since they have been around for over hundreds of years. All Florsheim shoes are hand-crafted from rich materials and inspired by old-school styles, with a variety of styles from casual to dressier options.

Florsheim Dressy Shoes For Boys Florsheim Dressy Shoes For Boys

Ryder seems to really be digging his new kicks, and I am thinking about ordering every color combination, so he’ll finally have dressier shoe options for every non- sweatpant outfit.

Florsheim Dressy Shoes For Boys

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