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Springtime Jubilee

It’s official- tickets are booked, and we are heading to California for Easter. The kids and I are flying out to meet Jason, so I am already in panic and planning mode. I am definitely concerned on how to keep them entertained for 6hrs in the air (suggestions welcomed), but the idea of packing for all of us and toting their Easter basket gifts is overwhelming. In terms of gifting, Easter is far from Christmas, but I do like to give them each a little something special, since I don’t want them to go into insane overdrive from chocolate bunnies.

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This year, I turned to my favorite company, I See Me for ideas. I See Me has been an incredible gift giving resource for my children, as well as friends and families alike. Reading together every night in our house has been the norm since the kids were very young, We all look forward to bedtime stories,and I hope they never lose interest, so constantly adding to our reading collection is a must. This Easter, I ordered each child their own personalized book. They love seeing their name in type, and reading their name as part of the story. I See Me even adds a special detail with a picture of them on the front cover. In addition to to their reading books, I included a personalized coloring book for each, placemat and stickers all with their names on them. I think the Easter Bunny is going to give them the coloring books early, so they can keep busy on the flight.


My favorite book of the three was Gemma’s Snuggle Bunny Gift Set, which came with a super plush Jellycat Bunny. For the purposes of these photos, Gemma had a sneak peek at her present, so I hope she doesn’t remember them on Easter morning. It’s safe to say she will love it. The little bunny adds the perfect touch to the personalized book.


The kids love having their own collection of books, knowing their names are on each one. With three children living in an apartment, their toys and all their belongings are usually turned into a free for all, but their I See Me books are their most treasured, personal possessions. Each book celebrates the uniqueness of each one of my children. To witness Ryder reading to his sisters, and his sisters trying to read along is truly special. We all are really looking forward to this trip, and I cannot wait to see their faces on Easter morning.  Now, I just have to remember to pack it all!

Use code “Stroller” to receive 20% off of your order. Deadline for Easter gifts is March 27th. 

 Thank you I See Me for sponsoring this post. 

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  1. Absolutely love I See Me Books! I just ordered them for my children this past Christmas! Easter gifts are such a great idea!

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