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Sunday Styles: Anaïs & I

Siella received a butterfly kit for Christmas, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it for months. The kit comes with a covered jar for caterpillars to transform, and a net house to hold the butterflies when they hatch, but we needed to wait for the warmer weather, prior to sending away for the caterpillars. Once they arrived, the entire process took about two weeks, and I have to say, I was probably just as intrigued, if not more, than the kids. We monitored their progress daily, and we were amazed to see how they were all synchronized with one another when moving to the lid of the cup to become crystalists.  For those caterpillar to butterfly novices, crystalists are the cocoon like state the caterpillars take before they become butterflies.

Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I

Last weekend, we released our beautiful butterflies. Siella was sad to see them go, but all three kids watched, astounded, as they flew off into the air and trees for the first time. Since their release, we’ve seen butterflies everywhere, and the kids are convinced they are their same butterflies.

Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I

The metamorphis cycle got me thinking about the circle of life, which is a remarkable process, that I was proud to experience with my children. The brand, Anais and I, was born, after designer Jane had her first baby Anaïs. She had this irresistible desire to make baby clothes, and she did just that.

Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I

As an architect, Jane knew nothing about designing and sewing clothes, but her passion grew, she signed up for night-classes in the NYC garment district. By the time Anais was 7 months old, Jane was making all of her clothes, and she had so many clothes that they couldn’t fit in the closet! Word spread amongst the community about her unique clothing line, and eventually she began taking private orders from people around the neighborhood.

Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I

Built with your children in mind, Anaïs & I continues to redefine the children’s apparel industry by offering clothing that is not only functional but also fashionable, all while staying true to their New York influences, and architecturally simplistic aesthetic. By using quality fabrics and the most innovative designs, Anaïs & I bridges the gap between what parents love to see on their kids and what kids love to wear. Your children will be able to run and jump on the playground, sit in piano lessons, and attend a special event, all while wearing the same ensemble.
Children's Clothing From Anaïs & I Children's Clothing From Anaïs & II am so thankful to have captured these memories, on a beautiful day in their adorable clothing.


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