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Sunday Style: Nawi Kids

Out of all the clothing in my children’s wardrobe, the things that get the most wear and tear are their pajamas. When you think about it, they usually eat breakfast and sometimes dinner in jammies, followed by 10 hours of sleep.

Nawi Kids Nawi Kids

I recently discovered Nawi Kids and while I love their unique plush blankets and toys, I couldn’t get over how cute their matching “unders” and “tops” were. Three dino characters make up the brand: Frankie, Coco, and Ryder; and of course, I loved that one was named Ryder. Both pieces are made of a super soft cotton and spandex mix. Even their plush toys are made of sustainable fabrics, stuffed with recycled plastic bottles, and best of all, made in the Los Angeles, USA.

Nawi Kids Nawi Kids Nawi Kids

The brand was born when co-designer Whitney’s daughter Coco developed an obsession with dinosaurs, around the time she started potty training.  She thought it was the perfect thing to get her daughter more excited about “big kid” underwear. Co-Designer Nas saw it as an opportunity to finally bring change to the apparel and toy manufacturing world, while bringing fun dinosaur and science to little girls and boys. It’s rare that you see a dino on a girls tee, but with Nawi designs everything is unisex.

Nawi Kids

Nawi Kids

Nawi Kids Nawi Kids

The kids love their dino sets so much, I may have to get them all the plush dino’s to match!

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