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Red Light Therapy For Your Skin

At-home devices these days are so advanced, it really blows my mind! Not only are they more affordable than constantly getting facials, but they help all skin conditions and after hearing about the use of red light therapy and how great it is for skin health, I did my research on a handheld device for red light therapy work. There are tons of options out there and I’ll break them down below. But my tweens and I have never been happier with our skin. With no side effects experienced, I have to say red light therapy tools are in my top 5 favorite finds from this year.

These are my favorite choices for effective treatment:

Why Red Light

Firstly, red light devices are a low-level light therapy that uses off red lasers and near-infrared light treatment to regenerate and restore cells. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it is amazing for skin issues from a damaged barrier as well as sun damage and wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation is in full effect and the correction of dark spots and acne scarring has been lessened. It’s totally safe for sensitive skin and the fact that it is affordable and available for at-home use, makes it even better. I’ve stopped using face masks pretty much because this has been amazing for all skin types. My skin tone feels more evened out and the appearance of fine lines has decreased. I couldn’t ask for better results from low-level laser therapy!

Price Point

When you see a board-certified dermatologist approves off something, it’s easy to jump to conclusions on pricing. We take products such as dissolvable collagen to help with our production of collagen or other medical conditions, but these devices just need a few minutes of use a day in order to see amazing benefits. Collagen production and the reduction of age spots are just a few potential benefits to red light treatment options. Prices are all over the place. You can find one item for $100 and another for $1,000. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one is that much better than the other, but I highly recommend staying within your price point and then upgrading to a more pricey option once you know the benefits of red light therapy on your own skin. And you might not even want to try others because you might like the one you have!

Our Favorite Finds

Finally, we’re going to get into my favorite light-emitting diodes! Ryder sees a dermatologist and I’ve been searching for something to help with his skin and also mine. While we have completely different skin types and different skin concerns, the benefits we have both seen from these low wavelength devices is astounding. You’ll have to let me know which one of these is your favorite!

DRx SpectraLite Dpl FaceWare Pro

This is our personal favorite, although there are mixed reviews online regarding battery and charging life. We haven’t had any issues yet, though, just great results! At just under $500, this is a pricier option, but we love that it’s hands-free.


A close second on our list is the Solawave. Not only are they so cute, but they work very well. The charge lasts awhile and they are great for travel! At $149, they are on the more affordable side.

Shani Darden by Déesse Pro LED Light Mask

I cannot get myself to spend $1,900, but if anyone is willing to I would love a full review! The mask has almost 5 stars, which I feel like is evidence enough for me that this is a great device. I also love that this is another hands-free option and the remote seems to work great.

PMD Acne Clean

If you have acne concerns, this is a top recommendation! Not only is it easy to use, but it has a large surface area for the whole face. At $229, it is on the lower end for these laser devices. But you can use my code: BRIANNEPMD for 30% off!

Higher Dose

This has to be the coolest looking mask! It’s $349 but it gives you the most natural glow and actually helps boost your mood! Which I think is a great plus. This mask is comfortable to wear and a great investment overall, especially for wrinkles.

NuFace Wrinkle Reducer Attachment

The effects of this are out of this world! NuFace fans will understand how great this product is and it’s on the cheaper end at $159. Get it at the Sephora sale!

Omnilux LED Contour Face

Finally, we are finishing off with the prettiest option! Another hands-free device priced at $395, this mask is a top contender for the best red light therapy. I feel like this mask has some of the best surface area and is worth every penny!

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23 thoughts on “Red Light Therapy For Your Skin”

  1. Such an interesting light therapy! I’m not familiar with this, but since I hit my 40’s, I’m definitely on board for giving this a try.

  2. I just read your article about red light therapy for skin and I found it incredibly informative! I appreciated the way you explained the benefits of this treatment and how it works. The before and after pictures were particularly helpful in showing the results. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  3. The benefits of red light therapy tools are impressive. I’ve seen them around and online and am intrigued to give them a try myself. Thank you for the great post and information.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you and Ryder have found a solution that works for both of you! It’s great to see the positive impact that light-emitting diodes can have on different skin types and concerns. Personally, I don’t have a favourite just yet, but I’ll definitely keep these devices in mind for my own skincare routine. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  5. Jennifer Prince

    I have a red light that I keep forgetting to use! I need to try it. Also, I don’t normally see this on your site, but there are a bunch of ad popups that are super distracting. I didn’t know if you realized that.

  6. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    I had no idea about red light skin therapy. Given that it works on suntans, I would like to try it.

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