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Stroller Review: Joovy Too Qool

My crew and I have been traveling through the streets of NYC all winter long with our Joovy Too Joovy Qool double stroller. It’s been so great for the girls since they are the ones that tend to be more sensitive to the cold and we need to get from place to place quickly. Ryder is older and can tolerate these frigid temps, although he sometimes will jump in for a ride as well. Every morning, I bundled the girls into their Too Qool, hand them a snack, and race to Ryder’s school. It’s been wonderful to have a double stroller they are comfortable in, as well as easy to push through the slippery and snowy pavements this winter has brought upon us.

Joovy Qool double stroller

I tested out quite a few double strollers and will say that the Joovy Qool double stroller is super compact, allowing you to easily get in and out of places. The Too Qool is the newest luxury double stroller on the market and I am so thankful we were able to give it a test drive. Its lightweight frame allows for easy maneuverability in a double stroller.

Boy pushing Joovy Qool double stroller

The Too Qool comes equipped with two, full-size seats, and can be used with a bassinet or infant car seat adapter, which are additional, offering use from birth to 55 pounds per seat. The options are almost limitless with combinations of bassinets, car seat adapters, ride-on board, and seats. The stroller seats come in ten beautiful colors and, for comfort each seat includes a soft neoprene seat insert that is machine washable. I chose the rich cream color, which I know you may think I am crazy to go with a light color, but I love it so much.

Child in double stroller

You can position the seats on the Too Qool in many different configurations to best accommodate your children and their needs. The Too Qool front seat is adjustable to forward or rear-facing. It is easy to reverse the seat in one easy step. The rear seat can be completely removed and the Too Qool converts to a single stroller in seconds.

Child in stroller

With the simple push of a button, the swivel front wheels lock in place to assist with off-road terrain or slanted pavement. The one-step linked brake is easy to set in place when needed.

 The handlebar adjusts to multiple positions and is covered in hand-stitched glove leatherette for a great grip. The adjustable, removable bumper bar is covered in this same lux leatherette.

Girls in Joovy Too Qool double stroller

The large, easy to access basket is perfect for parents like me that use their stroller to go grocery shopping. 

The Too Qool canopy is beautiful and functional and offers a zippered extension for even greater coverage if necessary. The canopy includes a sunroof window so you can see your baby while strolling.

 My favorite part, it folds with the seat in either forward or rear-facing positions. The rear seat does need to be removed before folding, like most double strollers on the market.


I am excited about this springtime, the summer months ahead, and for the new adventures, we will take in our Joovy Too Qool! For more information visit www.joovy.com

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4 thoughts on “Stroller Review: Joovy Too Qool”

  1. Is it ok to put smaller child in lower seat and older in front? My car seat wont fit in this so can’t start using until 3 minths but hate for daughter who will almost 3 when I start using ro be so cramped and have nothing to look at but back of other seat

    1. You can actually turn both seats to face each other if that is helpful. But both seats are the same size and I guess you can put the little one on the bottom. But my suggestion would be face each other and have your oldest on the bottom.

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