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Starting My Invisalign Journey

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my teeth and smile. As the years progressed, my teeth have continued to shift, I finally realized that its not only an appearance issue at this point, it can even impact my health. I have noticed the shifting and angle of my lower teeth has started compromise my top row by excessive grinding, making me prone for cavities and gingivitis. 

I didn’t have braces like most young kids, so my teeth were unrestricted to move around. Now that I’m taking charge of my smile, I researched the Invisalign system from dentists all around the city, and learned about the expert dental skills of Park Avenue Orthodontics. I’m now into week 8 of my Invisalign journey, and I can see it working. It’s so exciting! 

Before Invisalign

First step, prior to the Covid pandemic, I was asked to come to the Park Avenue Ortho office for scans.  Initially, I equated scans with x-rays, but the Invisalign technology takes 3D computer images of your teeth, to map your progress. The process is so advanced that it shows how your teeth will be realigned at the end of your treatment! You guys, the Park Avenue Orthodontics staff was extremely knowledgable, and super friendly. They fielded all my frantic questions regarding the Invisalign process, especially since I was starting my journey without going into the office. I was fortunate to take my scans and receive my Invisalign trays before lockdowm, so I start using them.

Week 1

I’m using Invisalign, but Park Ave Ortho offers additional services including Invisalign Teen, Invisalign First, Damon Braces, Insignia, ALF Appliance, TMJ/TMD help, and retainers. If you have an orthodontic concerns, they can fix it. I really can’t say enough good things about them, and that’s probably why they’ve been serving Nw York City for over 20 years.

Week 3

When opting to correct your smile, there are so applications and procedures available, but the Invisalign brand has become a household synonum with clear aligners. For me, its been a great experience. Following my consultation, the trays are delivered to my home, allowing me to straighten my teeth with minimal hassle. That has been a HUGE bonus throughout the Covid isolation protocols.

Your dental ortho coverage insurance may cover costs up to $3,500, which is great for your wallet! The Invisalign system is impressive in what it can correct, including dental alignment issues including crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, cross bite, gap teeth, open bite, baby permanent teeth issues, and tooth straightening.

Week 8

I’ve been overjoyed with my Invisalign progress thus far, and it’s all thanks to the amazing product and the team at Park Avenue Orthodontics. I have never been made to feel more at home, comfortable, or accommodated of in a medical setting than I have with Park Ave Ortho. Insert smiley face emoji!

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24 thoughts on “Starting My Invisalign Journey”

  1. I had braces and invisalign – so i know the difference of having both! reading your post brought back some memories haha. thank you for sharing!

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    My sister is an orthodontist and she always recommends Invisalign. Her patients are very satisfied with it. I am glad you chose that procedure too. A beautiful smile always raises your confidence levels.

  3. katrina Kroeplin

    that looks amazing. i have a few friends that would love to learn more about invisalign. i will be sending this to them for sure.

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