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Doing Good While Eating Good with Fare Meals

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Partnering with businesses that do good in the world has always been something I’m passionate about. I try to give my money to restaurants, clothing lines, accessory companies, and other stores and online businesses that do their part to make the world a better place. That’s why I’m so excited to bring you more news about Fare Meals by Arielle. 

For every new follower of @faremeals on Instagram before midnight on Friday, June 12 Fare Meals will donate $5 to City Harvest, New York’s largest food rescue organization. The organization will rescue an estimated 81 million pounds of food this year and deliver it for free to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other community partners across the five boroughs.

I urge my readers to follow @faremeals on Instagram. It’s an easy way to do good in our city and give back to communities that need it most. One simple follow can make a huge difference for families all across our city.


If you remember my last post about Fare Meals, you’ll recall that Fare Meals by Arielle is a company designed to make family mealtime more interactive, healthy, and more of a bonding experience for families. It does this by being an all-in-one resource that allows families to find great recipes that are healthy while also giving them an estimate of prep time, difficulty, and cost. It’s an easy way to help families live a more healthy lifestyle, explore new meal options, encourage children to try different things, and encourage family bonding in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Recipes like the Chunky Cheesy Veggie Frittata come complete with directions, cookware needed, and a visual key that shows the ease and cost of the recipe. For example, the frittata gets two spatulas, which means it is moderately time intensive. The cost is one $, showing that it is relatively inexpensive. The visual key and complete ingredient and cookware list make it so easy for families to decide exactly which recipe is right for them.

Now, Fare Meals by Arielle is doing even more to make mealtime easier for families – families in need. The number of families that need help with food security has multiplied exponentially because of Covid-19 and all its fallout. Children are home all day now, many parents are out of work, and finances are dwindling. That’s why Fare Meals by Arielle is doing good while helping families eat better.


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19 thoughts on “Doing Good While Eating Good with Fare Meals”

  1. On its own, this sounds like a great resource, but what I really love is that they are socially conscious. I love the work that Fare Meals is doing to help those who need it the most. I’ll have to follow them.

  2. I think what Fare Meals is doing is amazing. I’m definitely going to go follow them. I love it when companies do their part to help make the world a better place.

  3. This is great! I am currently doing really well at clean eating! I have let it slip through isolation but I am back in the bandwagon now

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely check this out and see how I can get involved. It’s a great concept and helping community is what we all need to do now.

  5. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Will check out about Fare Meals. I like companies focusing on healthy and nutritious eating. In fact, that’s how they are encouraging a better future world.

  6. Fare meal looks good. I will check out more about them beause I always prefer healthy eating. Safe for me…

  7. Melanie williams

    Ooo stop making me feel the food I am starving right now. It is great that you are eating healthy

  8. Your post is making me hungry! Although i rarely cook food, now i am starting to pratcie at home, thanks for this tips!

  9. Yes please follow @faremeals on Instagram!!!! It is so amazing that Fare Meals will donate $5 to City Harvest, New York’s. They are one of the best and largest food rescue organizations.

  10. Steven Morrissette

    I think that they got a good concept. It is always nice to see companies be involved with the community.

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