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Spring Reads For Mamas

We have pulled together our must-read books this Spring, including a few spotlight books that were just recently published!

Spring Reads For Mamas | Stroller In The City

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls is about mothers and daughters, relationships, family, and identity. The Butler family includes three sisters who have faced many trials, but are now facing a trial that might actually turn their entire lives around.

Crystals: A Guide 

In this beginner’s guide, you learn how crystals can help with stress, unlock intuition and wisdom, nourish health, reclaim power, and cleanse. This guide is super easy to use and was written by Aisha Amarfio who is a shamanic healer and energy medicine practitioner.

I Owe You One

Fixie Farr’s father’s legacy is his housewares store to which is left to his wife and children after he passes. Fixie has always been a family girl and chooses to look after her father’s store, despite the fact that her siblings will not help. After running into a stranger at a coffee shop and fixing his computer, he writes her an IOU, transpiring into a chain of events that become life changing moments.

The Night Tiger

Ji Lin is working as an apprentice dressmaker and dancehall girl to pay off her mother’s gambling debts. Ji is sent into a dark adventure after her dance partner leaves behind a gruesome souvenir. This novel includes age old superstition, sibling rivalry, forbidden love, and more.
Spring Reads For Mamas | Stroller In The City

Never Tell

In this novel, Evie Carter is found holding a gun over her husband’s dead body, Conrad Carter. D. D. Warren is the cop who arrives to find Evie and is unsettled that this is the second time Evie has been involved in a murder trial. Flora Dane sees Conrad on the news, recognizes his face, and sets out to unleash the truth. Flora and D.D. will discover something they would have never seen coming.

Run Away

Harlan Conan is a New York Times best selling author. In Run Away, a father comes across his daughter, who ran away from home a long time ago. She’s addicted to drugs, scared, and afraid. The father is left to follow her into the darkness at a chance to save her and get her back.

The Night Olivia Fell

In this suspenseful and heart wrenching novel, a mother sets out to find if her daughter’s fall off a bridge was truly an accident, or something worse. This novel uncovers the true power of a mother’s love.

The Psychology of Time Travel

The time is 1967 and four female scientists have just built the first time machine. Right before its debut, one of the four creators is exiled in order to protect the invention. Fast forward twenty years and time travel is a common thing. Ruby Rebello knows that her grandma was apart of the original four scientists and sets out to uncover a mystery after she receives a news paper from the future that may or may not relate to her grandma.
Spring Reads For Mamas | Stroller In The City

The Path Made Clear

In Oprah Winfrey’s The Path Made Clear, she guides you through finding your deepest vision of yourself and what you were put on earth to do. She discusses the milestones one must undergo on their journey through self-discovery and what one needs in order to achieve personal happiness.

What No One Tells You: A Guide To Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

This guide is perfect for helping the expecting mother through her moods, hormones, brain chemistry, identity, and relationships, as they change throughout time, and especially after giving birth. With tips and tricks on how to announce your pregnancy, discuss any fertility issues, why people feel the need to provide unsolicited advice, and more, this book is a must!

On The Come Up

After The Hate You Give, Angie Thomas writes about Bri, a teenage daughter of an underground hip hop artist who dies right before he gets really big. Bri then writes her own song which goes viral, but not for any of the right reasons. Bri is left to deal with the every day struggles of being a teen couples with her mom’s financial struggles and now the media.

The Second Mountain

David Brooks discusses the four commitments one must make when transitioning from independence to interdependence. Brooks explores the relationships between a spouse to a family, vocation, community, and a philosophy or faith.
Spring Reads For Mamas | Stroller In The City

This Is Motherhood: A Collection of Reflections + Practices

Throughout this book, you will find that you are not alone in your adventures through motherhood. Every essay is written by a mama sharing her journey to help remind you that every woman has their own path, your feelings are normal, and you are doing an amazing job because you are stronger than you realize!

Mom Truths

If you haven’t heard of them, Cat and Nat are mama besties who put a hilarious spin on all of the things moms have to go through! In their book, they share their stories of motherhood and advice, and will be sure to give you a much needed laugh!

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Spring Reads For Mamas | Stroller In The City

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  1. These are good recommendations. I tend to like reading thrillers so I might enjoy Run Away or the Night Olivia Fell.

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