Best Beach Reads For The Mamas

Summer has me thinking about slowing down, enjoying some self-care, and picking up a great book to get lost in. I’ve been receiving a lot of recommendation lately and I wanted to share with you this amazing list I’ve gathered of the best beach reads. Happy reading!


Summer has me thinking about slowing down and picking up a great book. I hope you enjoy this amazing list of the best beach reads.


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This book explores how to teach our children all things finance. Its an easy to read guide to help our kids learn the basic fundamentals of money through step by step lessons and fun activities.
SheFactor challenges the societal pressure women feel to do and be it all. SheFactor will help you discover your realistic and unique goals while teaching you how to enjoy the journey of achieving them.
After cancer leaves Ella mute and trapped in a parallel universe, with the help of her family, she finds the strength in locating the cure to her illness that is being threatened by an evil star.
The Dreamers is about an ordinary Southern California town that is completely altered by a mysterious illness that causes all of its residents to be triggered by perpetual sleep. You wont want to fall asleep reading this one!
Young Newlyweds Celestial and Roy have it all! Marriage, exciting careers, and a new home to call theirs. But when Roy is suddenly arrested and convicted for a crime he did not commit Celestial finds herself torn between the man she’s loved, and her new reality without him. This book highlights human condition during love, loss, survival, lust, and pain.
Written in a form of letters this book looks into the relationship between Juliet and her male correspondent on Guernsey Island during the German occupation. Captivated by his stories, she embarks on a journey to Guernsey but discovers so much more.
Bridget Jone’s Diary for the modern day reader. Queenie Jenkins , a 25 year old Jamaican woman living in London has just broken up with her boyfriend, and is trying to find comfort in all the wrong places. This story will speak to any woman who has ever searched for her place in todays modern complicated world.
This 70’s rock and roll inspired novel tells the story of Daisy Jones who likes sneaking into clubs and has a taste for rock stars. When a producers discovers her and pairs her with an up and coming band called The Six, stardom hits and their stories peak.
Written by a woman who has been flying around the globe with her four boys for the last 12 years, this book is a summer travel must. Fight or Flight will give you experienced insights on how to have a succesful flying experience whether you’re traveling with your own children, or someone else’s on board..
After a horrible turn of events, sworn enemies Olive and Ethan end up on a dream Hawaiian vacation together. Whats the worst that could happen…Love?

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16 thoughts on “Best Beach Reads For The Mamas”

  1. These are all books that I haven’t heard of, but I would love to read. The one that I’m interested in the most is Daisy Jones and The Six. I am excited to read that one. I have a feeling it’s going to surprise me.

  2. There’s so many great book selections here. I would like to read the “An American Marriage” as it looks interesting and I think it “might” be controversial. Hope to find them soon.

  3. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    Wow, so many awesome books! How do you choose?!?! It’s always so hard for me to choose when I’m starting a new book.

  4. That’s a great list thanks! I really want to read Daisy Jones & the Six. Plus I think the first book about teaching kids about money os really interesting. I might get that one too!

  5. Any beach mama from any background can find a good read on this list. Thanks for providing a list of books from diverse authors!

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