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Spring Books For Kids to Enjoy

It’s been a couple months since we did a children’s book roundup and I’m really excited about the new reads I’ve found! I love to revamp our bookshelf every season, as my kids get older, their reading need change. Therefore, I have found 15 books for your children to enjoy this spring!

Books These Days

What’s really cool about children’s books these days is the important messages they all contain. The morals of the stories are really amazing. Sometimes it’s not easy to discuss certain topics, so books can be a resource or an outlet for kids. The books are chosen for them at school, so finding something they’ll want to read in their free time isn’t always the easiest thing, but it can be really rewarding, with the right books.

Getting Your Kids to Read

Moreover, I’m curious how those of you with older children find books they like? My kids are great readers, but with technology and tv these days, it’s not always their first or second choice in their free time. Likewise, I think younger children really look forward to bedtime stories and there has to be a better way to keep that concept going as they get older. Furthermore, it truly is a fantastic way to use your imagination and escape from reality for awhile.

Spring and summer are almost here and I personally think the warmer seasons are easier to read in because you can enjoy books outside in nice weather. For instance, if you go to the beach or the park, you name it, the sunshine makes it a great reading setup.

Setting an Example

Finally, children watch everything and absorb it all in like little sponges. If they see you enjoying a good book, the chances that they’ll want to take time to do so themselves are probably greater than not. Markedly, teaching them the importance of exercising their brains and using their imagination will keep them knowledgeable and set a great example for them, as a hobby.

What books are your kids loving these days?

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Firstly, these are personalized books for kids! They have a bunch of different books to choose from and it make it that much more special for your kids to make it feel like it’s their story.
I love any empowering book! This one is perfect for Women’s History Month, as it encourages young girls to be everything they want to be.
This read teaches children all about the Chinese New Year. It’s important to me that my children are taught about as many cultures as possible, especially because school doesn’t always do that.
The messages in kids books these days are amazing. This book is all about being your truest self, no matter what others think.
This has to be one of the best morals of a story I’ve seen in awhile. Every day has endless possibilities, even today! You can do your best every single day and you can also turn a bad day around.
This is another great read about the wonder in everyday life. We see these things everyday and sometimes take them for granted. Gratitude is everything.
This is a great option all about the importance of family. It’s about a young boy who lives happily with his mother, but sets out to find his father.
A very powerful read, Gabrielle moves to Brooklyn from Haiti. She experiences trouble between bullies and learning the language, but at the end of the day, does she need to give anything up to fit in?
This novel discusses race and privilege in a young babysitter and employer’s lives. The babysitter is a differnt color than the child she watches and when she gets accused of kidnapping, what will happen?
It’s eigth grade and friendships are being tested. This book discusses the meaning of true friendship, as well as dealing with trouble at home and school.
I’m all about teaching my children to use their voices, especially my daughters. This tween book is all about overcoming shyness, which is a topic that I don’t think is discussed enough.
Let’s talk mental health! This is the story of a girl navigating through life with Bipolar Disorder. There’s not enough of these books out there, so if you’re looking for something that may be not just entertaining, but also a little helpful, check this one out.
It can be difficult to teach your littles about the changing seasons. This book can definitely help with that!
This sweet children’s book talks about how beautiful life is and all of the wonders we experience here. It’s a nurturing voice even though there are sometimes difficult times.
Lastly, we have another tween read! It talks about the struggles of middle and high school and how important it is to look past bad behavior and opinions and into yourself. Never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself, you are perfect as you are.

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