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The Best Girls’ Weekend Getaways

We’ve talked about family trips and quick day trips from the city recently, but what we haven’t touched on are the amazing trips you can take with your best friends! I would have to say that friend trips are quite different from any other trip because they’re more adventurous. You can go and try so many things that you maybe wouldn’t be able to do if you brought your whole family along. Here are some fantastic options that are all over the world!

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a great spot if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. Sometimes I just need to get out of the city and see a palm tree to feel like myself again! And there are plenty of those there! It’s a top place to visit in Florida and the beaches really are so nice. Take a quiet girls trip out there and lay on the beach, get great dinners and, of course, shop! The Breakers and The Ben are great hotel options with superb amenities available.

girls' weekend getaways


Florida Keys

I recently just came back from a really fun trip here, you can read all about it here! I made a ton of great friends and did so many cool things there that I can’t wait to bring my friends out there! The water is crystal clear, there’s fishing, every water activity you can imagine, wake surfing, amazing restaurants and more. Hawks Cay Island Resort is the best place to stay, they have fantastic accommodations, such as a ton of rooms to choose from and five swimming pools! This is a great place to have a chill weekend but still get dressed up for fun dinners with friends at.

girls' weekend getaways


New York City

I have to include my city! If you’re not from around here, I highly recommend coming out to visit. There really is just so much to do here that’s beyond the typical tourist things, which obviously are still really fun. Once you’ve seen all you want to see, you can do what the locals are doing! Try out a TikTok viral restaurant, visit pop-up events, go shopping, check out Smorgasburg, relax at the AIRE Spa, stay at a cool hotel, the possibilities are endless here in New York City!

girls' weekend getaways



Chicago is another big city to check out! They have a ton of shopping on Michigan Avenue, you can see The Bean, take a Chicago River boat tour, watch a Second City show or get deep dish pizza! If you don’t live in a big city or near one, I highly recommend them for girls weekends, you can go out and have a whole city weekend. If you’re near the midwest or are closer to the west coast, this is a great option for you!

girls' weekend getaways

Palm Springs

A great California spot, Palm Springs is definitely a go-to location for a girls weekend! If you’re into hiking, there are a ton of places to do that, the Botanical Gardens are beautiful, Joshua Tree is really close and that’s a must-see. LA is a common place to go, so I like to provide a vacation spot that isn’t as common. It’s really nice and warm there, which is a plus.

girls' weekend getaways


Miami is the party spot! If you are looking for a girls weekend where you will go out and party on the town, this is the number one location I would recommend. The food is absolutely outstanding there, as well. Go to the beach or shop during the day and then go out at night! The popular hotels are the Fontainebleau, The Goodtime Hotel and Nautilus by Arlo. It’s also a really big bachelorette weekend place, if you’re looking for ideas!

girls' weekend getaways


South Carolina has made the list with a fantastic city for girls weekend! Charleston is gorgeous and such a great spot for foodies and they have great brewery options, as well. The parks are pretty and the shopping has some good options! It’s sometimes just really nice to go to a city that’s not enormous, but also has a lot going on at the same time. The city has a lot of history and Rainbow Row is quite a sight to see! And before you leave, don’t forget to check out the Charleston Market and visit all the little boutiques!

girls' weekend getaways

St. Barths

Looking for paradise? If you go to St. Barths, you’ve found it! There are plenty of scuba diving, surfing, tours, hikes and beautiful outdoor activities. I personally like to go there and just relax on the beach and stay by the water because it is so hot there! A boat day is a treat, too!

Wave Resort

Located in New Jersey, this oasis is at the heart of Pier Village in Long Branch. They have a fabulous brand new dining concept, The Bar, where you can enjoy oceanfront views, amazing bites and craft cocktails with the girls. Beyond the coastal architecture, there are some of the best amenities including a spa, pool and fitness center. Book your next weekend getaway here!


A girls trip to Mexico is what I’m talking about! How much fun are those trips? Getting out of the country and going to an all-inclusive resort is the perfect getaway. There are so many water activities to try out there in the crystal blue waters, and so much relaxation to be had on the beach and by the pools. I’ve stayed at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa and I highly recommend! Beach and spa days? Sounds like my kind of trip!

girls' weekend getaways

Another great tropical trip is to the Bahamas! This is another location where you’ll want to go for the all-inclusive resort option and why wouldn’t you? There are spas and pools as the amenities! I’ve been before a few times and most recently I took my daughters, we had the best time! Read all about that trip here. We stayed at the Bahar Mar, which is a newer property, comprised of three iconic oceanfront hotels—the richly refined Rosewood, the playfully hip SLS, or the stylish and modern Grand Hyatt—each offering stunning beach views and an epic selection of pools. You’ll want to book here!


Scottsdale, Arizona is actually a really popular spot for bachelorette getaways! They have an area called Fashion Square, so already I’m in! Butterfly Wonderland, Wonderspaces and tons of spas are in the area so it’s the perfect balance of relaxation and fun activities. It’s easy to fly to and the desert makes for great pool time.


Ever been to Canada? Whether that’s a yes or a no, you need to check out Montreal! It really is such a cool city and they have so much to see and do there. You need to get the poutine, if you’re going to do anything, it’s going to have to be eating that first! It’s a historic city that must be explored and there is such a charm there.

girls' weekend getaways


How could you ever say no to Paris? You can’t! The shopping, the food, the Eiffel Tower, need I say more? I know it’s kind of known as a romantic city, and while it totally is, it is also a really beautiful place to be and more importantly, shop. Hit up every designer store there and get yourself the items you know you deserve. The shoes, the purses, get it all. And get some Macarons while you’re there, too!


girls' weekend getaways

I’ve never been to Savannah, Georgia, but I have heard such amazing things! I cannot get over how beautiful the pictures of this city are, how is everyone not running there?! Forsyth Park is well worth a stroll, there’s great museums and you must try the trolley tours! You can see the whole city from those. The beach and the rooftop bars, though, are where it’s at! Those are some great spots to spend your time. A few to check out are Top Deck, Thompson and Local 11ten. And this is another city that I’ve heard has outstanding barbecue!


Newport, RI. There’s nothing like it! This town is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. You’ll have to cruise down Ocean Drive at some point, I can’t even begin to explain how stunning those views are, but they need to be seen! They have cliff walks that are a great little hike with pretty water views, it’s kind of a relaxing activity. The downtown area is super cute and of course, you can’t leave without going to a winery! Here’s a list of vineyards to check out while you’re there.

girls' weekend getaways


Austin has been an up and coming city for awhile now. Honestly, it’s here, let’s call it officially one of the coolest cities in America! There really is so much to do there, but for a girls weekend, I recommend staying in a super cool hotel and just getting some delicious food and checking out all the rooftop bars. They also have some of the best live music in the country!


This is another great bachelorette weekend getaway, if you’re looking for ideas! If not, this is still a really fun place to go for a girls getaway! It’s the country capital of the world, so if you love that style of music you are in luck. Besides the really fun bars downtown, there are some cool art tours to check out as well as museums dedicated to singers like Johnny Cash. One thing you must do before you leave is get a hot chicken sandwich from Hattie B’s!

New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that I think often gets overlooked. It’s so cool down in the French Quarter! Some of the most amazing food is there, like Domilise’s Po-Boys, Leguna Madre and of course, beignets from Cafe Du Monde, which is one million percent worth the wait if there is one! With really cool hotels and some fantastic shopping, how could you not check this city out?!


Oh Portugal, what a sight to see. Specifically, Lisbon. This is a breathtakingly beautiful city with a lot of history. There are landmarks to see, castles to check out, museums to peruse, and overall, this is a place where you wake up everyday and explore a new part of it. It’s relaxing, yet so fulfilling travel-wise. I can’t forget about the beaches, they are clear and so worth the trip!


If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, it really is another beautiful place. It’s out of the country, so I know it’s kinda far, but I promise you it is definitely worth it. You can walk through the Jordaan area, it’s the famous water photos you always see or visit the Anne Frank House, which is historic and definitely something to remember. The Van Gogh museum is also there and the bike tours are the best! You can see everything on those!

girls' weekend getaways


Okay, now Florence is a beauty! Let’s start with the sights, it’s a pretty historic city and there’s days worth of sights to see, such as the Florence Cathedral, but also, it’s Italy, so the food is out of this world! There truly is nothing better than signature, home-made Italian food in Italy! I have a whole blog post about my trip here and everything I did!


Barcelona is another city you need to see at some point, so why not go on a girls getaway there?! The food is excellent, the architecture is stunning, the beaches are so nice and art is superb! It’s another place you could walk around and explore a completely new part of each day, spend some time at the beach and then finish the night with some Spanish food! Paella must be consumed before heading home!

girls' weekend getaways

Rent a Celebrity’s Home

Did you know you can rent celebrity homes on Airbnb?! Yeah, I just found this out! This includes both celebrities and famous homes from tv shows and movies. So if this is interesting to you and you don’t really have your eye set on a city yet, check out some of these cribs! And yes, this is the Bachelor Mansion!


This post was originally published April 13th, 2022*

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46 thoughts on “The Best Girls’ Weekend Getaways”

  1. Jennifer Prince

    This is such a great list of places to go with friends! I haven’t been to Palm Springs yet, and I totally need to go.

  2. These are great recommendations. I have been to many of them, like Amsterdam, Miami, Palm Beach, New York, Bahamas, Paris, Newport and Savannah. And loved all of them. We are currently planning another Europe trip. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, so it was always easy for me to travel within Europe, but I have not made it to Portugal yet, so we will be visiting next year. I would also love to visit Austin, as I have heard great things about it. Can you believe I live in Florida for over 10 years and I haven’t made my way over to the Florida Keys!! I am almost ashamed to admit this, haha. Thanks for sharing these great recommendations.

  3. Awesome list of trips to take with best friends! I totally agree that both Miami and Nashville are perfect spots for fun! The Florida Keys are amazing as well!

  4. This is bringing me back to my time spent in America. I was in West Palm Beach and New York / New Jersey for a time. I would love to visit again but it’s all gotten so expensive.

  5. Trips with friends are definitely different than trips with the family. As a Florida native, I second the Keys, although I’m not a fan of Miami in general. I’d love to take a girl’s trip to a Caribbean island one day!

  6. All of these places sound wonderful! My daughter and I recently returned from a Broadway-themed trip to New York City and we had a blast. We saw 8 shows, toured Radio City Music Hall, visited the Museum of Broadway, and ate at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. But now, I want to visit all of the other destinations you have listed!

  7. You have done an incredible job of highlighting some amazing destinations for a fun-filled girls’ weekend getaway. The stunning visuals and comprehensive descriptions make it all the more enticing.

  8. I love your weekend travel list. We live in Chicago and European destinations seem impossible with two kids under 5. But I really would like to visit NY and Charleston. Thank you for the cool ideas.

  9. What a great list. Ive always wanted to visit Paris and Portugal with my girlfriends. I bet we will ahve a wonderful experience.

  10. Yes to Palm Beach! I lived there for 18 years and loved it so much. It’s too busy now, but I still like to go visit.

  11. Waah, I want to go to most of them on your list. I want to visit New York and Chicago sounds like such an exciting city to see. New Orleans for the music and I’ve read about Palm Springs in so many novels!

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