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Spring Baby Must-Haves

It’s time for another baby roundup! Firstly, in my opinion, you can never have too many baby finds, it’s pretty easy to find a use for everything. And as seasons change, you find yourself needing different things for daily use. For example, maybe you live in an area where you can’t really take walks in the winter and now you need the perfect stroller for the warmer months. Furthermore, if you’re a new mom, I’m happy to help with some spring baby necessities to add to your list!

Henceforth, I also love discovering new brands on the market. Moreover, I always want to highlight new finds and elevate small business where I can. New parents to newborn babies or parents just looking for some brand new top baby items for the spring season, this is the perfect time to check out a list of items to shop from!

Moreover, this roundup is a collection of some of my long time favorites and great new finds!

Stroller Accessories

Firstly, never, ever underestimate the importance of stroller accessories. They are there to help you, not take up space. Specifically, you can fit so many items in them and often times, they are multi-functional. For instance, a cup holder doesn’t have to hold a cup, it can hold a phone or a bottle. On cooler days, breathable materials to protect your baby’s skin from the harsh wind or rain are an ideal way to add on to your stroller, while still getting some fresh air.


Secondly, as sad as it is when babies outgrow their clothes, there is a part of me that gets excited for the new ones they get to wear! For instance, cute little sweaters and bloomers scream spring baby fashion to me! It’s even cuter if you or your other children match with your baby. Moreover, we don’t necessarily have to focus on fashion, but why wouldn’t we at least a little? It’s fun! For example, a first time parent might only want to invest in high quality pieces for their little bundle of joy because they are planning on having more children, so the clothes can be used for multiple children. I personally love baby rompers, organic cotton materials and adorable prints for spring!

Baby Necessities

Finally, I think at the top of the list are items for transportation. It’s easy to get into the habit of staying in the house in the winter because it is so cold, and so much health-wise has been scary. Shade options, diaper bags and hygiene products are a few essential things to have on hand for your baby. We do lots of walking in both the spring and summer, so I have a go-to diaper bag and my favorite stroller and we head on our way!

What’s on your list this spring? Let’s share all of our favorite go-to baby products!

This post was originally published March 20th, 2022*

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Firstly, this is the ultimate stroller! If you have two little ones, you need this baby! It’s really easy to push and you can easily rearrange the seats to face whichever way you’d like. Not to mention, the storage is great!
Secondly, this is the best travel stroller I have ever come across. It folds unlike any other light stroller and easily fits in an overhead compartment. I really recommend this option for all your travel needs.
Thirdly, toey offers organic baby clothing essentials from newborn to 24 months! Their pieces all so incredibly soft and the quality is very clear.
Do you have a little one thats showing early signs of moving? Clinically designed by a pediatric physical therapist, Progressive Crawlers help our little ones grip their movements!
Rylee & Cru is one of my favorite brands for babies and kids. But I love that they offer mommy and me swimwear! They truly offer amazing options for baby, boy, girl, and mom!
For example, the Sunday Collective is a new clothing brand I have my eyes on. They offer gorgeous classic pieces for ages 3-12! I’m really excited to see their next collections unfold!
Specifically, miniware offers beautifully designed dining essentials for babies and tots! One of my favorites is this “Catch & Cover Bibpron”. Goes from bib to apron as your little one grows.
Furthermore, one of my favorite new finds is Au Baby! Sustainably made in the USA, these super soft baby and children’s blankets make a perfect gift! And look at these gorgeous colors!
Moreover, umbrellas don’t just have to be for rain. They can provide shade and sun protection in the warmer weather to help keep you and your baby cool! This one is great, you can keep it underneath your stroller at all times.
Finally, this non-slip silicone placemat is designed to keep toys in place! Available in 10 color ways this is guaranteed fun!

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  1. My daughter wanted this expensive sleep pad for her daughter. I bought it as a holiday gift and they used it twice, lol. It’s important to know what are must haves and what look like them but aren’t, hahahha

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