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Why I’m Choosing Bobbie Organic Infant Formula For My Baby

When I was prepping for the arrival of my baby there were a lot of checklists to get through. How we were going to feed our baby was high on the list! I personally knew I wanted to try breastfeeding, but I also wanted to have high quality infant formula options. I truly believe with my whole heart that fed is best, so I knew the importance of having formula on hand in case there were breastfeeding hiccups. During my initial research of baby formula, I came across an array of options, but Bobbie immediately stood out. Bobbie is a European style organic infant formula that’s FDA regulated. That really appealed to me!

When Quentin was born I quickly realized my supply wasn’t coming in as fast as my newborn needed. I was so relieved to have Bobbie to use as a formula supplement while building up my breastmilk supply. Bobbie really eased that stress. 

Choosing to use baby formula:

Whether you don’t make enough milk, want a partner to help with night-time feedings, you’re returning to work FT or you’ve simply decided that formula is best for your family, knowing your formula options is important in welcoming your new little one. I’m a firm believer that organic is the way to go.

Top reasons I chose Bobbie organic formula:

-Bobbie uses organic, non-GMO ingredients

-Bobbie mixes really smoothly without clumping

-Bobbie is easy on the tummy and easy to digest

-Bobbie has an amazing, easy-to-use subscription service. 

Formula choices:

Bobbie organic baby formula is designed specifically to offer your baby complete nutrition while always keeping in mind health and comfort. I often hear from other moms how in the past there were only a few choices, and none of them were organic. The big names of generic formulas were all you could find, separate from EU formulas which are not FDA regulated.

Ingredients in Bobbie baby formula:

With Bobbie, you won’t find any syrups or syrup solids. Their formula has no palm oil or hexane-extracted DHA, carrageenan, or added stabilizers. Their USDA Organic and non-GMO formula is milk-based with added iron, with the protein coming from pasture-raised cows that spend 42% more time in the pasture than the U.S. Organic standards require. It includes DHA Omega-3 that comes from sustainably sourced algae, rather than hexane extracts, and is currently the only U.S. made formula with 20 mg of DHA per 100kcal.

 Bobbie baby formula compared to breast milk:

Bobbie baby formula contains a healthy organic fat blend, necessary for your baby’s growth. This blend is a combination of organic coconut oil, organic sunflower or safflower oil, and organic soybean oil. 

Bobbie’s protein source is a 60 percent whey, 40 percent casein which models the whey and casein protein ratio found in breastmilk.

How clean is Bobbie baby formula?

Bobbie is the only U.S. Infant formula to receive the Clean Label Project Purity award and Pesticide Free certification. This means it has been third party verified— tested by The Clean Label Project for more than 400 industrial and environmental pollutants and toxins including heavy metals, pesticides and plasticizers.

How to make Bobbie baby formula:

When I initially started making bottles with Bobbie, I immediately noticed how easy it was to mix the formula. Following the on-can directions was super simple. The formula never clumped or gave me any trouble. I have even made Bobbie formula bottles while on an airplane! This makes delegating the task to my husband or caregivers easy, too. It’s very simple and to the point, and when navigating babyhood I know moms can really appreciate this!


Is Bobbie formula easy on tummies and does it support digestion?

Ultimately— the big seller is that Quentin loves Bobbie! He never fusses or fights his feedings! With Bobbie he has stayed fully regular and I haven’t noticed any belly cramping. Knowing that my baby loves his number one source of nutrients while also being gentle on his belly brings me such peace of mind! I often hear from other mothers about having to switch formulas because of belly hiccups and constipation, but this isn’t something we have experienced with Bobbie.


Subscription baby products:

With all that being said, one of my favorite aspects to using Bobbie is their subscription based structure. You’ll never run out of formula again with their user friendly website and subscription account. Simply decide how many cans of Bobbie you may need each month and it gets delivered directly to your door! Need more or less? Head to your online account and get your next shipment adjusted. Have a question or concern? Their customer service representatives are real people with friendly and understanding solutions! 

Since Bobbie is founded and run by working moms, the entire Bobbie team understands the stress around making sure our babies are fed, healthy and taken care of. The company as a whole is one that new moms can rely on in achieving these goals.

I’m so glad that new moms have the option of Bobbie EU style, organic baby formula. If you’re using formula, want to supplement or think you’ll need to transition to formula, I urge you to give Bobbie organic baby formula a look. They really go above and beyond to ensure quality, nutrition and safety. It’s safe to say that Quentin and I are big fans, and we are so happy with Bobbie as our formula choice!

Written by Stroller In The City editor Madison Gaucher

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21 thoughts on “Why I’m Choosing Bobbie Organic Infant Formula For My Baby”

  1. This sounds like a great baby formula to use; my best friend is expecting her first baby and I’m going to share this brand with her today. I’m sure all the great benefits you have listed will surely pique her interest.

  2. Melissa Cushing

    I am loving this and I am with you mom…. I am all about Organic everything. This looks wonderful and wish they had had this when my kids were little 😉 I nursed as well but supplemented as a working mom… just too hard otherwise 😉

  3. Thanks for the info. We had to use formula because we are two adoptive dads, and I am not even sure organic was an option almost 19 years ago!

  4. So much has changed when it comes to formula. This formula sounds like it covers so much more than the formulas when I had kids. But you are also talking 30 years ago (with my youngest of 10) lol. I love all of the positives you mentioned in this Bobbie Organic EU Style Formula.

  5. Melanie Edjourian

    I combined breastfeeding with formula. I haven’t used this brand myself. I do like that it’s organic and non-GMO and also that it is easy on little tummies.

  6. Those are all really great benefits! I will surely gonna share this to my sister who had a 1year old baby. Thanks for sharing this with us

  7. This sounds like an amazing brand. I haven’t heard of it before. It sounds like a really good alternative to breast milk.

  8. Wow! It’s good to know that parents right now are getting the best milk formula for their kids. Imagine, my children grew up with no available organic yet.

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